Leading Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

The Office of International Engagement (OIE) is committed to furthering international education and the global citizenship of Montclair State University students through study abroad programs of all types and lengths. Faculty-led short term study abroad programs provide a unique experience for students and faculty to explore a topic or question through comparative inquiry and experiential perspective building in an international setting. With this goal in mind we are inviting faculty to submit abstract proposals and work with OIE staff to imagine and develop programs rich in educational opportunity for Spring Break 2019 and Summer 2019.

The programs will be evaluated and approved with special attention to educational aim, safety, operational feasibility and cost effectiveness and in accordance with the strategic direction of the University. Proposals therefore must meet the following requirements:

  1. The safety and security of all participants must be central to the planning and management of the experience. Proposed destinations with a Level 4 US Department of State Alert will not be accepted. Destinations designated at Level 3 will be subject to additional review. Visit www.travel.state.gov to view specific country details.
  2. Course outcomes must be equivalent to the course or courses that are offered on campus, plus the enrichment from being taught in the international setting. Short-term programs should be integrated into your department’s curriculum. All program participants must be enrolled for academic credit.
  3. Planned experiences and selected activities must be consistent with the objectives of the course.
  4. The destination must be integral to the academic content and provide meaningful interaction with the host country and people.
  5. Programs must be developed with consideration of affordability and accessibility for students.
  6. For the sake of the safety and well-being of the group and to assist with in-country coordination and decision-making, program applications should indicate an intention to use a two-leader arrangement. The principal faculty leader must be full time faculty or a full time instructor at the university.

Preference will be given to programs that meet the following criteria:

  1. Programs that are interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature.
  2. Faculty are strongly encouraged to develop programs that explore countries outside of Western Europe in particular Africa, Canada, and Latin America.
  3. Programs that offer unique experiences and outcomes not already available through individual student mobility programs offered to students through Montclair State study abroad programs.

Abstract Proposal Requirements

Abstract proposals should include the following:

  1. Program Rationale – Describe how this program addresses the needs and interests of students and advances the mission and strategic initiatives of the University and the academic program. Demonstrate that the travel experience and the specific location/s are integral to achieving the program’s academic objective.
  2. Learning Goals – Describe goals are general, broad, and provide statements of desired results.
  3. Proposed Program Elements – Briefly outline major program elements such as location, timeline, methods of travel and residency.
  4. Target Student Population – Describe the target audience including the number of majors/minors or the number of students who normally take this course on campus.
  5. Faculty Experience and Expertise – Describe the program leaders experience and/or expertise relevant to the proposed destination/s.

Abstract proposals must be approved by the Department Chair(s) and College Dean(s) before submission to the Office of International Engagement. If an abstract is approved, then a full program outline, tentative itinerary and budget must be developed in collaboration with OIE staff, for final approval by the Department Chair, Dean, Associate Provost International Engagement and the Office of the Provost.

To submit an Abstract Proposal, please complete the Abstract Proposal Form and ensure the document is signed by the relevant Department Chair/s and Dean/s before forwarding to the Office of International Engagement at studyabroad@montclair.edu. In the subject line of the email, please indicate “Faculty-Led Program Abstract Proposal”.

  Spring Break Trip Summer Session Program
Abstracts for proposals due April 27 April 27
OIE abstract approval decision May 11 May 11
Detailed proposal due June 11  September 15
Approved programs notification June 30 October 1
Program published by OIE August 15

Nov. 1: May/June programs

Nov. 15: July programs

Student Applications Due October 15

Dec. 15: May/June programs

March 15: July programs

  • Syllabus for EACH Course Proposed
    • Where/how class meetings will be conducted prior to departure, while abroad and upon return home.
    • Number of hours per week that class will meet and how students will be assessed
  • Tentative Itinerary
  • Draft Program Budget
  • Guidelines & Terms of Agreement: signed by each faculty member.
  • Program Approval Form signed by each chair and dean

The Office of International Engagement is in the process of reviewing and revising policies and procedures related to the development and implementation of Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs. It is expected that updated guidelines and policies will be available on this website in summer of 2018.