Support Study Abroad

How Faculty Can Support Study Abroad

From the Montclair State Strategic Plan, 2011

Connecting Globally:

Of all the international options available to students, international study abroad, with the attendant immersion in the language and culture of the host country, is by far the most effective in cultivating a consciousness of cosmopolitan citizenship and international engagement.

There are many ways for Montclair State Faculty and Staff to support students in international engagement.    

  • Schedule a Study Abroad  Presentation in your Classroom or for Your Office or Club from a Study Abroad Peer Advisor or Staff Member. The Study Abroad Office has a very active network of returned study abroad students who have volunteered to be Study Abroad Peer Advisors (SAPA). These SAPA students are available to make classroom presentations, man tables at fairs, talk one-on-one with prospective study abroad students and present at clubs and learning communities. Study Abroad staff members are also available on request to make presentations to faculty, departments, offices and students. Request a presentation or meeting today!
  • Learn About Study Abroad Opportunities for Students in Your Academic or Regional Area of Interest. The Office of International Engagement offers programs for students in over 50 countries around the world, in nearly every academic discipline. In addition to Montclair State faculty-led programs, students can participate in semester exchange programs or study abroad provider programs. You can search available programs by destination, academic discipline and term by exploring our Programs Page. Become familiar with what is available to better advise students and find complements to your program. For more information about how study abroad works, please explore our pages or reach our Director for a meeting to answer all of your questions about study abroad. 
  • Propose a new student exchange agreement.   Have an idea about an developing an exchange program for students in your department? Many faculty members have an interest in proposing new exchange programs with overseas institutions.  Student exchange programs that are supported by academic departments have the greatest chance for success.  If you are interested in developing a new exchange program in your area, please review the Criteria for Establishing New Student Exchange Agreements and the Exchange Program Checklist‌.  Then reach our Director to set up a meeting.
  • Participate in a familiarization site visit to a study abroad program.  Several of our study abroad affiliates offer opportunities for university advisors and faculty to visit study abroad centers and programs to increase their knowledge about the programs offered to Montclair State students.  Guidance from faculty and advisors is critical in informing Montclair State students of the opportunities available to them to study abroad.  If you are interested in being considered for a study abroad site visit, please review the site visit information and application and let us know how your interests and participation can help support study abroad for students.   
  • Host an international exchange student for a holiday, short-homestay or just for a day. Montclair State works closely with a number of organizations to host international students through special sponsored programs such as:

Global UGRAD - Pakistan

World Learning: Global Undergraduate Program for Serbia and Montenegro

Brazilian Scientific Mobility Undergraduate Program

Fulbright Program for Foreign Students

Initiative to Educate Afghan Women

SOLA - School of Leadership, Afghanistan

We often seek local families to host students for brief periods before the beginning of a semester, for holidays, or just to have a local “family” in the community to make them feel more at home and experience American culture.  If you would like to be on the contact list for hosting, contact the Director  and we’ll reach out to you when there is an opportunity.