Leading Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Leading Short Term Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad and student exchanges are central to the Global Education Center’s mission and the University’s strategic plan. Faculty-led group programs, a component of the study abroad experience, are designed to capitalize on the international expertise of our faculty and integrate classroom instruction and experiential learning activities in the locations where they are taught into a well-conceived whole.

If you are interested in leading such a program, complete and submit this proposal, making sure you:

Provide a rationale for conducting the program and explaining how the choice of location(s) contribute to the academic value of the course.

Describe your knowledge of the country in question and any experience you have had visiting or working there. Knowledge of the country’s language is important, but not always required (or possible).

For the most part, faculty led programs should be affiliated with local academic institutions. In most cases, the Global Education Center is able to provide an affiliation with a partner university or another institution. Non-affiliated programs are an exception and most be academically and programmatically outstanding. Courses should have academic integrity and coherence, and instructors should give careful thought to the integration of experiential learning with course readings, lectures, site visits, independent study and research, and methods of evaluation. The amount of assigned reading should be similar to what is required in an on-campus course of the same length, but a hybrid format may be used to extend the course beyond the actual travel dates.

Program structure may take on various forms. International field trips involve one week of travel over spring break for a course that meets throughout the spring semester. Short term institutes range from 2 to 6 weeks of travel, sometimes combined with class meetings on campus and sometimes combined as a hybrid course, and may take place over winter session or summer session.

In preparing the proposed itinerary, faculty should balance the academic needs of the course with the logistics and cost of travel. Faculty will work with the Global Education Center to create the budget and plan the itinerary.

To allow sufficient time for developing new program descriptions, publicity materials, approval of courses, recruitment of students, contracting for travel services and registration and payment by students, faculty should allow one year between submitting the initial proposal and the date of travel. In some cases, the Global Education Center can cover the expense for faculty travel to plan a new program.


  Proposal Submission   12 months prior to departure
  Budget & Itinerary Planning   11-9 months prior to departure
  Program Announcement   9 months prior to departure
  Student Recruitment   9-6 months prior to departure
  Student Applications 6-4 months prior to departure  
  Final Student List    3 months prior to departure
  Student Orientation   2-1 month prior to departure

Faculty Director Responsibilities:

(A) Marketing and Recruiting Students

1)   Assist the Global Education Center to design a marketing plan by identifying target participants.

2)   Assist in promoting the program by distributing brochures to appropriate contacts in classes, etc.

3)   Provide any mailing lists or names of individuals who might be interested in the program.

4)   Promote and participate in any Open House information sessions to recruit students.

5)   Meet with individual students providing academic advising and interviewing candidates.


(B)    Pre-Departure Orientations

1)     Assist with pre-departure orientation seminar about Practical Information for Daily Life, Legal, Safety and Security Issues, Health Information, Emergency Contacts and Protocol, and Academics. The orientation covering logistics will be conducted by the Faculty Director in conjunction with the Global Education Center. A second orientation may be devoted to the thematic content of the trip and conducted by the Faculty Director and assistant faculty.

2)     Provide a bibliography and handouts to be distributed to the participants. If photocopying is needed, originals should be delivered to the Global Education Center two weeks prior to the date of the first orientation.

(C)    Overseas

1)      Assist students throughout the program in logistical matters such as monitoring students during excursions, advising students on cultural issues, obtaining medical, legal or passport assistance, as necessary, and acting as a liaison with local housing provider. Inform the Global Education Center of any major issues.

2)      Provide formal and informal course lectures throughout.

3)      An Assistant Faculty Escort or graduate Resident Assistant may be "on call" with for certain time periods.

4)      Travel with students on group flights, escort students to airport if not returning with group.

Faculty Director Standard Remuneration- subject to individual program parameters

In exchange for these services, based on a minimum of 15 total paying participants and a minimum enrollment of 7 students in his/her classes, the Faculty Director will receive the following:

1) All air and land accommodations (including a single room) at no cost. Housing may be in dorms, hotels or apartments, or a set stipend for outside housing, depending on the individual program parameters.

2) All meals included in group tour itinerary plus a food stipend of $200 per week (except where a full meal plan is provided with the housing).

3) A coordination fee of $200 per student for programs of 4 weeks or more; a coordination fee of $100 per student for shorter programs and field trips.

4) Teaching salary for courses, as per summer session standard agreements, pro-rated if less than 10 students per course.

5) The option of extending your stay.

                  (Note: any additional land costs such as hotel or meals after the program has ended are not included, and the faculty director is responsible for making all arrangements for the extended stay).

 Proposal Form for Leading Short-Term Study Abroad Sessions