Permanent Resident

The Office of International Services assists international faculty and staff with the process of obtaining lawful permanent residence status (commonly known as a “green card”) if the individual meets the legal criteria, and the hiring department agrees to sponsorship.  There are a number of pathways through which a foreign national can become a Permanent Resident through employment at Montclair State.

The categories for Employment Based (EB) are divided according to order of preference (1,2,3,4,5).  There are also subcategories within each preference group.  Common categories of applications for a green card at Montclair State include but are not limited to:

The hiring department plays an important role in the green card application process.  The department must submit certain documents, in some cases, stemming back to when the international employee was hired.  Therefore, it is crucial to follow the Tips for the Hiring Department for H1B Visas and the Hiring Guidelines.  Departments must keep recruitment-related information for at least 5 years.

For consultation on any of the above information, please contact the Office of International Services: + 001(973) 655-6862