Applying for F-1 Visa

Applying for Admissions:

Montclair State University welcomes and values internationals students on our campus and we encourage you to apply for admissions. We are currently accepting applications for all levels of study including undergraduate (Bachelors degree), graduate (Masters degree or Professional Certificate Programs), and for the Doctoral degree. We also welcome inquiries from Exchange Students who wish to study for one or two semesters and then return to their home country universities.

Please click on your specific level of study listed to the right for complete instructions about applying for admissions.

Applying for an I-20 Form:

International Students planning degree study in the United States are required to obtain the Student (F1) Visa unless they have another valid non-immigrant visa status that allows them to remain in the U.S. If you plan to obtain the Student Visa F1 status for study at Montclair State University, you must apply and be accepted to the University and obtain the I-20 Certificate of Financial Eligibility form from the Office of International Services. The I-20 form is required in order to obtain valid F1 Student visa status. Instructions for applying for the I-20 Form are also listed under each category to the right.

I-20 Application for the F1 Student Visa

Most International students enter the United States on the F-1 Student Visa. There are also other visa types that are allowed to study in the United States. If you have another visa and wish to know whether you can study full-time or part-time with that type of visa, contact International Services.

In order to apply for and be granted the F-1 student visa status, international students must obtain the I-20 Certificate of Financial Eligibility Form from the International Services office. In order to obtain the I-20 Form, a student must show that they have sufficient financial support to cover 12 months of expenses.

Immigration regulations require that all F-1 students enroll for a full-time course load each semester. Full-time for undergraduate students is at least 12 credits for each fall and spring semester. (Summer session enrollment is optional). International students on F-1 Student Visas pay the full–time out-of-state tuition cost.

International students must have sufficient financial support to live and attend classes and the I-20 application contains detailed instructions on what financial documents should be submitted with the application. The Form I-20 can only be issued after the student meets the following criteria:

  • Student must be accepted into a full-time matriculated program at Montclair State University
  • Student has submitted the I-20 application with the required documents to International Services

We recommend that a student prepare both the application for admissions and the I-20 Form application at the same time. Therefore, a student should submit the online admissions application and then immediately download the I-20 application and begin preparing it.

Please make sure to submit the I-20 Form application to International Services and not to Undergraduate Admissions office. The contact information for International Services is:

International Services, Global Education Center
Montclair State University
22 Normal Avenue Montclair, New Jersey 07043 U.S.A.
Phone number: 001-973-655-6862
Fax number: 001-973-655-7726

The I-20 Application can be downloaded at:

I-20 Application

Visa Procedure

After the I-20 is issued to the student, he/she will submit it with the application for an F-1 student visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in their home country.

An appointment is required in order to apply for the F-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulates. Some Consulates require that appointments be made at least six to eight weeks in advance. Visit to locate the embassy or consulate near you.

Further information on the visa application procedure at the U.S. Embassy is available in The Welcome Guide for New International Students. This information will also be provided to the student when the form I-20 is issued.

Students Transferring from Another U.S. School to Montclair State University

Students currently in F-1 status transferring from another U.S. school are required to do the following:

• Complete the online application by visiting

• Apply for Montclair State University I-20 by submitting the I-20 Application to International Services.

• Meet with your International Student Advisor at your current school and ask them to complete the Transfer In Form o Determine the exact date you want your previous school to transfer your SEVIS record to Montclair State University. This date is called your release date. On that date, your SEVIS record will be electronically sent to Montclair State University. o The release date you select must be between the end of the semester at your current school and beginning of the next semester at Montclair State University.

• After the release date in which your SEVIS record has been transferred to Montclair State University and you have submitted the required financial documents, we will issue your I-20 Form.