Prepare your Finances

The greatest problem facing international students in the United States is maintaining adequate financial support for subsistence and studies.

It is very important that you understand that you will be required to pay tution and fees in full each semester. 

* International students are responsible for financing their education at Montclair State. We regret that the University has no financial aid available for new international students.

* International students on F-1 visas pay out-of-state tuition.

* Make sure you bring funds with you to cover immediate costs like tuition and fees, room and board costs.

* We recommend that you bring traveler’s checks or some other form of currency (such as certified check or credit cards) rather than a large sum of U.S. dollars. Although you will need some cash for your arrival, carrying large amounts of cash is not safe. You may deposit your funds at a local bank after you arrive.

* The cost of living in the U.S. depends on your lifestyle.

* Students expecting personal expenses to be covered by university stipends are cautioned that it may take several weeks before you receive the first stipend check so plan to bring enough money to easily cover living expenses for at least the first two months of the semester. Keep in mind that the total amount of your stipend is subject to a deduction to cover taxes on the value of the tuition waiver so you may need additional funds to cover your expenses.

* If you anticipate difficulties in acquiring funds for your studies, it is advisable that you delay your arrival until such difficulties are resolved.