Social and Cultural Programs

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of social, cultural, and adjustment programs that are focused on enhancing the educational experiences of international students and scholars at Montclair State University. The following is a listing of program offerings. If you don’t see a topic that you want, just let us know and we’ll try to arrange it. Contact us by email at:

Global Living Community (GLC)

The Global Living Community is a residential community of International and American students at Montclair State. The mission of the GLC is to support the internationalization of the campus by providing a living and learning community of where American and international students can learn across cultures and develop global friendships. International Student & Scholar Services provides an array of programs for residents of the GLC including discussion groups, excursions to cultural sites, social events and other educational and cultural activities. GLC programs promote increased global awareness and intercultural respect and understanding. Living in the GLC offers students and international scholars a unique opportunity to make friends from around the world who share an interest in broadening their cultural perspectives. Spaces in the GLC are limited and first priority is given to visiting and exchange international students and returning residents. The GLC is truly a global living and learning community. For more information, contact us by email at: Check out our Facebook page.

Cookies and Culture

Would you like to: Share your ideas on diverse topics? Eat delicious food? Meet interesting students? Broaden your knowledge of other cultures? Make friends from around the world?
“Cookies and Culture” is an informal weekly discussion/activity group for all international and American students and their friends. Programs include:

  • Getting to Know You Activities
  • Group games
  • Cultural and Holiday crafts
  • Cultural Dance Lessons  
  • International pot-luck dinners
  • Information sessions and other activities that promote social and cultural sharing.

All students are welcome to attend any one or all of the events. Dinner or refreshments are provided.
Where and When:  Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters
7:00 PM Alice Paul Hall First Floor Lounge, The Village at Little Falls

Montclair State World’s Fair

Each spring, Montclair State hosts a campus-wide World’s Fair –  a celebration of international entertainment, exhibits and food! The World’s Fair is held on the quad in the center of campus. Experience the cultural diversity of Montclair State! Listen to music, watch dance performances, learn some words in a new language, try cultural crafts, taste delicious food from around the world and watch or participate in the global fashion parade! Dozens of university organizations and student groups participate in these global festivities. Explore the world, right here at Montclair State!
Where and When: See EVENTS at

Connecting Across Cultures

CONNECTING ACROSS CULTURES (CAC) is an informal, supportive, “Tea-Time” discussion group for International students, returning study abroad students, and any students who are interested in dialoguing and connecting across cultures. Come have TEA and make connections at Montclair State!
Where and When: Wednesdays during the Fall and Spring semesters, 1-2:30 at the Drop-In Center

Cultural Excursions

International Services offers a number of off-campus cultural excursions every year for international students and friends. Excursions are intended to promote intercultural understanding and present a broader experience of American culture.
If you have an idea for a cultural excursion, let us know and we’ll try to make it happen.  Types of excursions offered may include:

  • Day Trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, “The Birthplace of Our Nation”
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
  • Museum of Natural History, New York City
  • Tour of Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  • Great Adventure Amusement Park
  • Tour of “international” Brooklyn, a glimpse at the ethnic diversity of the borough
  • Guided tour of the United Nations
  • Knicks basketball at Madison Square Garden
  • Walking Tours of New York City’s ethnic neighborhoods
  • Trip to a Broadway play, New York City
  • Visits to local elementary schools to make cultural presentations
  • Nature Hiking Trip 
  • Nature Apple Picking Trip

Where and When: See EVENTS at:

One To World Programs

Montclair State University has a membership in One To World, an organization that offers an array of social and cultural programs for international students in the New Jersey/New York area.
One To World brings Americans and students from around the world face-to-face to share their lives and perspectives in life changing ways. Through One To World programs, Americans and international students learn from one another and together they become active citizens in a global society.

This is a great way to meet international students from other universities. For more information, visit their website:

Cultural Adjustment Seminars

The following seminars are offered periodically to help international students and scholars adjust to the American culture in the classroom and in social settings.  If you would like to see a different topic offered, just let us know at:

Why Do Americans Behave Like That?
Understanding American Values and the Effect on Behavior

Do some American customs and behaviors seem strange or even rude to you?  Do you want to gain some insight as to why Americans behave the way they do?  We will discuss American values and how they impact behavior.  Bring your questions and confusing or annoying situations and we'll give you ideas on how to cope with them.
Where and When: See EVENTS at

Tips for Success in the US Classroom

Learn what is expected from you in the U.S. Classroom in order to be a successful student.  We will cover topics such as:  Class participation - what do American Professors expect from you?; What is critical thinking and how can you use it to improve your class performance; Plagiarism - why is it so serious?  How to avoid it?  You are encouraged to bring questions about your current class challenges and we will give you suggestions for dealing with them.
Where and When: See EVENTS at

The American Career Search.
Job Interviews - American Style

Do you plan to pursue an internship or a career in the U.S.?  American job interviews can be very different than in other countries.  Learn some tips for successful interviews in the U.S. that may help you get the job!
Where and When: See EVENTS at

What Did They Say?
Making Sense Out of Local American Expressions and Idioms

Did you think you learned English before you arrived at Montclair State only to discover that there are many local slang expressions and idioms that confuse you?  Join us for this discussion designed to help you understand some of the most common local expressions.
Where and When: See EVENTS at

Specialized Support Groups

We understand that different groups of international students may have unique needs and/or ideas for targeted programs from time to time. We can offer special programs including support groups for students facing special challenges as well as opportunities for discussion and networking among students from the same country or in similar living circumstances. If you are seeking a group that is tailored for your needs, contact us at and let’s see if we can make it work.