Health Insurance

Health Care in the United States can be very good but it is also very expensive. It is very important that all students have a health insurance plan to protect them in case they need Medical care.

Health insurance is mandatory for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students as defined by the University (12 or more credits for undergraduate, 9 or more credits for graduate). Montclair State University offers a student health insurance policy through United Healthcare which provides basic coverage.  Part-time students who wish insurance coverage and student dependents may also enroll in the United Healthcare plan.  Details regarding the United Healthcare plan can be found at

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Other Health Insurance Plans

Since the University sponsored United Healthcare Plan provides quite minimal coverage, we recommend that students take out a separate plan that is designed especially for international students. When choosing the best health insurance plan for your needs, consider the following:

• The Premium – Cost of the coverage for a specific period of time

• What conditions does it cover? Does it exclude such conditions as maternity costs, pre-existing conditions, preventive care such as annual check-ups?

• Amount of the Deductible – This is the annual amount you must pay before the insurance will begin to cover the costs

• Are there co-payments? - This is the percentage of the bill that you are responsible for paying usually at the time of your doctor’s visit.

• Does it cover medical evacuation? – the cost of transferring you home in case of serious injury or illness.

• Does it cover repatriation? - the cost of transporting remains to home country in case of death.

International Student & Scholar Services has brochures from several insurance companies that specialized in insuring international students. Stop by and take a look.