Tax Information

As an international student, you need to file taxes. You will need to file taxes every year, even if you did not receive any income. The two main forms you will need to complete are:


1. Form 8854 (for students and scholars, filed on or before June 15)

2. Form 1040 NR/NR-EZ (for all non-immigrants working in the U.S., filed on or before April 15)


For more information regarding how to file your federal taxes, please take a look at the Internal Revenue Service's website to find out important tax-related information.


In addition to filing federal taxes, you will also need to file state taxes. For New Jersey, you can find relevant information here.  For New York, you can find relevant information here.  If you worked in a different state, please visit that state's website for the department of taxation.


International Student and Scholar Services provides annual access to a free online tax filing system for foreign nationals; information will be e-mailed to international students and scholars in February of each year.