Program Policies
Faculty Led Program Policies Please read the Program Polices before you begin
Form Descripton
Faculty Led Check-List Form This is a checklist of required forms and a timeline to submit your application

Reference Form

Liability Waiver Form

Code of Conduct Form


Emergency Treatment Permission

These forms are part of the online application  found here, but as an  alternative these versions for you to print and mail.
Financial Aid Form Students Applying for Financial Aid should have this form completed by the Office of International Education & Global Engagement and then present it to the Financial Aid Office.
Itinerary Change Request Form This form is optional

IE&GE Scholarship Application

Montclair in Florence Scholarship Opportunities

Montclair State University students may apply for an Office of International Education & Global Engagement scholarship for these programs. The deadline for summer programs application is March 1st. The deadlnie for Winter session field trips is Nov. 1st. The deadline for spring International Field Trips is Dec 1st. Students applying for financial aid should obtain a program budget form from the Office of International Education & Global Engagement before contacting the Financial Aid office.


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