Afghan Student Programs

Initiative to Educate Afghan Women (IEAW)

‌Soon after the US war in Afghanistan began in late 2001, the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women  (IEAW) was born. IEAW’s mission - To help create Afghanistan's future women leaders through education and career guidance – is achieved through direct donor support and its partnerships with US colleges and universities.  

IEAW identifies exceptional Afghan girls and young women and nominates them to US colleges and universities for a degree.  Montclair State has been welcoming Afghan students through this program since 2003. In the ten years that Montclair State has participated in this program, thirteen young Afghan women have studied at Montclair State and earned bachelor’s degrees.  Nearly all have graduated magna, summa and cum laude in their respective programs, and most have gone on to earn advanced degrees in the US and Canada.

Montclair State supports this important initiative by providing tuition, housing,meals and health insurance for four years to students on this program.  The students also receive support from IEAW and they participate in cultural and educational programs in the community.

‌School of Leadership (SOLA)

In fall of 2012, Montclair State established a partnership with the School of Leadership (SOLA) in Afghanistan. SOLA is a people-to-people, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering educa­tional and leadership opportunities in Afghanistan and the world for the new generation of Afghanistan, especially for women. 

Montclair State accepted its first SOLA student for admission in Fall of 2013. All of these students receive tuition, housing,meals and health insurance at the University until they completes their bachelor’s degree.

Montclair State is very proud to partner with these admirable organizations and sponsor these exceptional young women.

For more information, contact: Domenica Dominguez, Director, Study Abroad and International Programs

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