Mongolian Identity in Modern China: Living Within the Seduction of Urban Life

Tea and Talk

Sponsored by the Global Education Center

Thursday February 26  2:30pm

Sprague Library Special Collections Room

Mongolian Identity in Modern China:

Living within the Seduction of Urban Life

Dong Ying

Lanzhou University, China


Inner Mongolia has witnessed great changes since the 1978 national reform, with increasing numbers of Mongolians going to college and professional training among the ethnic groups of China. As Inner Mongolians settle in cities, the integration improves understanding between the groups but also threatens the traditions of minority groups. Global Education Visiting Scholar Dong Ying will discuss how the process of education and globalization has affected Inner Mongolia.

Dong Ying is a professor in the School of Foreign Languages in Lanzhou University, where she teaches English language and second language acquisition methodology. She did her graduate studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, and her research focuses on linguistics, second language acquisition and cross-culture communication. In addition to linguistics and literary articles, her publications also include a study on small enterprise employment policies of the European Union and their revelation to China. She is a native of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.