Past Tea and Talk Series

Fall 2008 Tea and Talk Series Events

Date: Tuesday October 21st at 2:30pm
Topic: Poetry Reading
Speaker: Roberto Sosa

Date: Tuesday September 16th at 3:00pm
Topic: Training One Million English-Speaking Olympic Volunteers: How Did They Do It?
Speaker: Dr. Xiaoying Teng

Spring 2008 Tea and Talk Series Events

Date: Tuesday, April 22nd
Topic: Was the Orange Revolution Followed by a Revolution in Ukranian Journalism?
Speaker: Vladimir Manakin

Date: Tueday, April 15th
Topic: Obesity in Central Europe and Poland Before and After the European Union
Speaker: Jacek Bujko

Fall 2007
He Yi. "Comparing Chinese and American Universities. An Inside View".
Klaus Hoedl "To Be A Jew in Vienna: Responses to Anti-Semitism"
Maria de la O Hernandez Lopez "Beyond Please and Thank You - Linguistic Patterns of Politeness Across Europe"

Maria Kostelnikova "Second Language Acquisition for the European Union: What’s Happening in Central Europe?"
Srikumar Chattopadhyay “Ecological Security as Social Security in India:Examples from Kerala”
Ana Massone "Opera with an Argentinian Accent: The Music World of Argentina"

Spring 2006
Xu Xin "China's Family Planning Policy Updates"
Ahmed Ghodieh "Agricultural Monitoring and Crop Area Estimation by Satellite Remote Sensing in the West Bank, Palestine "
Bingtuan Wang "Chinese Mahjong: The History, Rules, and Mathematics Behind The Game "

Fall 2005
Sarah Redshaw "Who's Behing the Wheel? Driving as a Social And Cultural Practice"
Sally McWilliams, Longxing Wei, Nancy Tumposky "Facilitating the Modernization of Chinese Universities:
Observations from the Shanghai Teacher Training Project & Oppertunities for MSU Faculty"

Spring 2005
Xu Xin "Translating American Jewish and Israeli Literature into Chinese"
Erich Ranfft "The Role of Culture in the Contemporary Art of New Zealand: Being Maori in an Anglo-Saxon World"
Joszef Szentpeteri "Excavating the Lost Tribe of the Carpathian Basin: The Avars"
Carlos Estevez "Art in Cuba- A View from the Inside"
Elena Dotsenko " Frontier as Metaphor: The Role of the Urals as the Russian Frontier"
Klaus Hoedl "From Acculturation to Interaction: New Perspectives on the History of Jews in Fin-de-Siecle Vienna"