Scholar Rescue Fund

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Around the world, scholars have long suffered harassment, torture and persecution as a result of their work. In the worst cases, scholars pay with their lives for their dedication to scholarship and freedom of thought. The Institute of International Education (IIE), an independent nonprofit, has participated in the rescue of persecuted scholars since its founding in 1919. In 2002, IIE launched the Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) as a formalized response to this ongoing international dilemma.  By working in par with host universities, IIE has provided fellowships for established scholars whose lives and work are threatened in their home countries.

These fellowships permit professors, researchers and public intellectuals to find temporary refuge at universities, colleges and research centers anywhere in the world, enabling them to pursue their academic work in safety and to continue to share their knowledge with students, colleagues and the community. During the fellowship, conditions in a scholar’s home country may improve, permitting safe return to help rebuild universities and societies afflicted by fear, conflict and repression. If safe return is not possible, the scholar may use the fellowship period of 1 to 2 years to identify a longer-term opportunity

Matching the fellowship grants from IIE, Montclair State University has thus far provided safe harbor as well as temporary teaching positions to 6 such scholars from Iran, Iraq, Rwanda and Syria,  in the departments of English, Political Science, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Modern Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, Art and Design and Theatre and Dance. 

For further information about the Institute of International Education Scholar Rescue Fund, please see Emergency Assistance for Scholars and Students.