FAQ for Current International Students

Last Updated: 05/19/2021

How does the new guidance released by SEVP on April 26, 2021, impact my class registration for fall 2021?

The new guidance released by SEVP On April 26 confirmed that the previously released March 2020 guidance will remain in effect for the academic year 2021-2022. Because Montclair State is resuming face-to-face instruction, all international students will be expected to follow federal regulations and limit the number of online classes. New and continuing students will not be allowed to take only online classes in the fall. Students who have any questions should contact their international student advisor for additional clarification.

How are classes going to be offered in the fall?

Most classes will be offered in face-to-face format, with some classes being offered online. The university will be offering enough face-to-face classes to ensure that international students can maintain their immigration status.

I am graduating in May 2021. Does this new guidance impact my eligibility for OPT?

No, it does not. Students who are in the US and graduating in May will be able to apply for OPT.

Fall is my last semester and I have only one class left. Due to covid, can I take my last class online?

No. Because Montclair State is ‘back to normal’, students have to follow federal regulations. As such, their last semester cannot be fully online.

I am graduating this fall and I may not be able to return to the US. What are my options? Can I apply for OPT from home?

Students who are graduating this fall and are outside the US will not be eligible to apply for OPT. Students have to be physically in the US to fill out their I-765 application. Students who have additional questions should contact their international student advisor for assistance.

I am abroad now and plan to return to the US before the fall. What documentation do I have to submit before returning?

Students will be required to provide proof of immunization before returning to the campus. We will accept vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). More detailed information is available in our Immunizations page. If possible, students should take the vaccine in their country prior to returning to the US.

What documents do I need to re-enter the US?

Students will the following to return to the US:

  • Valid passport. It must be valid for at least six months in advance of your return to the U.S.
  • Valid F-1 visa
  • Valid I-20 signed for travel (page 2) by an advisor from the Office of Global Engagement.

Your I-20 must be signed within 12 months of the date of reentry (6 months if you are on OPT). To obtain a travel signature complete the Travel Signature Request

Note: If your most recent I-20 was sent to you digitally, make sure you print it out and sign and date it yourself (page 1). The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials will not accept the I-20 on your electronic device.