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School in the U.S. for Dependents

In the U.S. all children are eligible for free elementary and secondary education provided by the local public school district in the city where you will reside. A child registering for the Kindergarten program must be at least five years old by October 1. You can’t apply to a public school until you are in the U.S. and can prove residency in that city.   Proof of residency requirements can vary by district but in general you will need the following types of documents before you can enroll a child.

  • A current lease; if residing as a tenant without a lease, a signed, notarized sworn statement of tenancy (affidavit) completed by the landlord; AND

Any three of the following documents containing your new U.S. address

  • Current utility bill
  • Current cable television bill
  • Current credit card bill
  • Written statement from realtor stating parent/guardian has signed a contract to purchase or rent in Montclair
  • Official mail (bank statement, government correspondence: Internal Revenue, Division of Taxation, Social Security Administration)
  • Income tax return
  • Recent paycheck/stub
  • Driver’s license plus registration, plus auto insurance card

You will also need to provide medical forms that prove that your child has had certain immunizations, provide an original birth certificate and may need other documents from their current school such as recent report cards.  Most school districts will require that they are translated into English.

Here is a list of the main school districts in the area;

Before you arrive check to make sure you have reviewed the enrollment requirements at the school where your child might attend and have all the documents you need.