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Admissions Support for Faculty

The Office of Graduate Admissions is here as a resource to help support your program. Please see below for who you should contact based on the College/School your program is in:

For CART and CEHS:

  • John Sellino – Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment

For CHSS and SNUR:

  • Arturo Arana – Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment



Admissions Process

The Office of Graduate Admissions uses the Slate admissions system for managing all current prospective students from the point of inquiry through the admission process on their way to becoming a student at Montclair State. As our partner in the admissions process, you will use the Slate Reader to review and provide recommendations for the admission of applicants to your programs.

You can view the status of applications within your program(s) by clicking “Browse” and viewing the various Reader bins that follow the admission cycle of a prospective student. 

For detailed instructions about this process, please refer to the job aid provided during training or log into the Graduate Faculty Systems and Resources site to view it. Be sure to also review the “Reader Tips” listed on your Reader Home page. 

Admissions data for earlier applicants can be found in the Recruit Archive (for applicants from Fall 2016 until Spring 2019) and the Admissions Tracking System available under the Legacy Admissions tab (for applicants prior to Fall 2016) on the Graduate Faculty Systems and Resources site.

Application Review Expectations
  • Make your admission decisions within one week – Applicants that receive a decision quickly will have a better chance to convert into newly enrolled students
  • Communicate with your Office of Graduate Admissions contact(s) if decisions are taking longer than a week
  • Be proactive – Log into Slate often to see where your admission files are – There’s no need to wait for the morning email from Slate