Montclair State Spring 2019 Open House


Your Recruitment Coordinator in The Graduate School is here to partner with you in the design and implementation of recruitment initiatives. Please see below for who you should contact based on the College/School your program is in:

For online (ONP) programs:

Host a Recruitment Event at least once each semester:

  • Your Recruitment Coordinator: Jeff Bendett, Isabella Salloum, or Candace Dorwart, Allison Smagin for online (ONP) programs, will work with you to schedule and promote Webinars or Information Sessions, which can be recorded and added to your program’s webpage.
  • Consider inviting a current student, graduate assistant or alumnus to provide their unique perspective at the webinar.
  • Attend the Fall and Spring Graduate Open House

Communication/Expectations with Prospects and Incomplete Applicants:

  • TGS has a communication plan in place with all prospective students to respond to all inquiries within 24 business hours. You may also receive direct questions from prospective students, or Isabella/Jeff/Candace will refer questions to you with matters that are best for you to address. Please do your best to respond to these inquiries within 24 business hours.
  • Adult learners have become increasingly used to fast response times. To make sure the prospective student will see that you have received an email, please set up an automated email reply. Automated responses should contain the following information:
    • Preferred way of contact and important other contacts within the department
    • Office hours
    • Link to your website
    • Please see an example of an automated response
  • Websites are important: Monitor and maintain a consistent, engaging, and up-to-date web presence.
    • It’s likely that your program has information on multiple pages across, such as The Graduate School webpage AND your college/school webpage – please ensure that this content is consistent and complementary.
    • If you see anything that needs updating on the TGS pages, please reach out to Jeff and Isabella, or Candace for online programs. Please also contact Candace for updates to the online programs page.
  • Social media can be helpful in new student program recruitment. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of social media as a GPC or DPD:
    • Coordinate with your college’s web content manager to share new developments, events, awards or student spotlights across the university’s social media channels.
    • Contact The Graduate School team if you have any content that you’d like shared to their social channels.
    • Maintain personal social media profiles (if you are comfortable with that) and join in on conversations that are relevant to your program
    • Have fun with it! Social media is a great place to share “lighter” content and shed light on the “human” side of your program – which will in turn attract students with those same values.
  • With SLATE, we have the ability to create targeted email campaigns to engage and interact with inquiries and applicants. We need your input, especially content, for these items to be included in targeted communications to prospective and accepted students:
    • Spotlight of current student, faculty, alumni
    • Highlight career opportunities that are possible
    • Feature faculty’s research, awards, publications, etc.
    • Funding opportunities