A Dental Program is available to all full-time employees after 60 days of employment. You may elect the Dental Expense Plan administered by Aetna Insurance or the State Dental Plan Organization Program. The cost of coverage is borne jointly (50%-50%) by the State and the employee.

1. Dental Expense Plan - Aetna offers you treatment by your choice of dentist. There is a deductible of the first $50 incurred by the individual during the calendar year.

2. The Dental Plan Organization (DPO). Generally, the cost for the DPO benefits program is less than the Aetna Plan. The DPO plan is a program designed to encourage timely dental care by providing a prepaid dental program option.

The minimum enrollment for all dental plans is 12 months.

The Dental Annual Enrollment period is October for January 1st coverage.

Brochures are available from the Office of Employee Benefits which describe eligible charges and the exclusions of both programs.