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2017 Open Enrollment Guide

2016 Open Enrollment Guide

2016 State Health Benefits Plan (SHBP)

The full list of medical plans available to State employees:



HMO Plans:

*The Horizon HMO’s have a limited service area in New jersey, Delaware, New York and bordering counties in Pennsylvania.

PPO Plans:

NJ Direct 10 is not offered by the SHBP to State Employees

Tiered Plan:

High Deductible Health Plans:

Dependent Eligibility Documents

Wellness Program

The Wellness program NJWELL is going into its third year and is open to active employees who are enrolled in the SHBP and SEHBP. Spouses and eligible partners can also participate, as long as they are covered by the SHBP/SEHBP plan. Through NJWELL employees can receive incentives for participating in simple screenings, health assessments, and participating in other wellness and health lifestyle activities. Information about NJWELL will also be posted on the Division’s Website through links at:

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact Leena Varughese in the Office of Employee Benefits at 973-655-4394.

Free Nurse Line Service

Have you ever been sick in the middle of the night and wondered if you should go to the hospital?  Have you been away on vacation and one of your children gets sick?  Have you ever gotten some test results and just wanted more information?  Have you ever had rash suddenly appear?

Did you know that your medical plan comes with a feature called The Nurse Line for the Horizon plan and the Informed Health Line for Aetna?  These are a free services where you can call a registered nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This service is NOT to be used to avoid seeing your doctor.  However, there are times when you just wish you could get some advice or suggestions and you don’t want to or can’t call your doctor.  The Nurse Line/Informed Health Line could just be your stop gap help.  A qualified nurse will assess your symptoms and suggested a course of action.  She will also let you know if you need to seek medical treatment and if so how quickly.  She can explain what test results mean and give you a perspective.  If you have a medical condition, she can point you in the right direction to managing that condition.

The Informed Health Line for the Aetna plans is 1-800-556-1555.  The Nurse Line for Horizon Direct plans 1-877-901-7479.  If you are in another Horizon plan check the back of your card for the number.  Remember that this is a free service that can give you peace of mind and that you can use as often as you wish.

2016 Health Capsule