Organizational Development Services

Our Organizational Development office works with the leaders of Montclair State University in their goals of improving and managing organizational effectiveness.

Our Clients 

Senior leaders and managers of the University.

Our Services

Included but not limited to:

  • Change Management Consultation
    • For projects
    • Organizational/departmental changes
  • Coaching Program for Management Staff
    • Individual
    • Group/Team
  • Conflict Management
  • On-boarding Assistance for Leaders
  • Performance Management
    • Job and people alignment
    • Professional development plans
    • Review planning
    • Re-appointment assistance
  • Personality and Leadership Assessments
  • Process Improvement
    • Analysis
    • Redesign
  • Program Evaluation
    • Environmental Scans
    • Surveys & Focus Groups
    • Analysis
    • Recommendations
  • Reorganization & Strategic Planning
    • Mission, Vision & Purpose development
    • Organizational structure design
    • Job analysis and (re)design
  • Retreat Design and Facilitation
  • Team Development

The Office of Organizational Development helps clients implement and manage a wide range of goals and issues effectively and efficiently.

Through intensive processes of assessment, goal setting, and evaluation of organizational systems and people, we can provide you with the tools you need for comprehensive reflection, re-envisioning and action plan for your areas: Schools, Centers, Divisions, Departments and Teams. Interventions are recommended to the client group but developed in cooperation with the client.

We serve as experienced, trained and specialized internal consultants charged to support the initiatives of senior leadership and help leverage projects in alignment with other improvement efforts taking place throughout the University. 

I'm a manager. When should I call the Office of ODT and ask for OD assistance?

Some examples of how we can help:

  • Before undertaking a change project that will affect many others
  • After receiving suggestions from audits, self-studies, or external reviews
  • During a transition of leadership
  • During periods of rapid growth in scope, funding, or size
  • Action planning for goals, as you consider what is next for your team
  • Excessive turnover needs to be slowed
  • Conflicts are excessive and interfering with getting the work done
  • Frustration is mounting from too many problems, demands, and challenges
  • Clients, customers, leaders or other stakeholders are dissatisfied with results
  • The same problem persists, despite changes in individual leaders, faculty, or staff
  • Your group seems to lack a shared set of goals or when people are confused about the direction of the unit

You, as a leader, don’t have to go it alone in achieving success and operating a smoother and more effective group or team. In addition, you can't afford to ignore issues that detract from your goals, as well as challenges that could become more serious problems if not handled effectively. 

If you believe your area of responsibility could benefit from our services, please contact us to see how we may help.