Education Benefits

Career Development Program: Faculty and Professional Staff

A pool of money is dedicated by the state for career development. Guidelines are described in Appendix II of the AFT Statewide Agreement and in Chapter 9 of the Local Selected Procedures Agreement. Applications are mailed to faculty and staff and are available on the website of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs assists faculty/staff to obtain external funding for University-approved research projects, creative works, and academic activities by: 1) providing the University community with current information about funding opportunities; 2) responding to requests for the identification of potential sponsors for a specific faculty/staff project; 3) helping the faculty/staff member to prepare a competitive proposal that meets the requirements of the chosen sponsor; 4) helping the faculty/staff member to prepare a budget that is reasonable with respect to both the proposed activities and the sponsor's guidelines; 5) routing the final proposal through the approval process; 6) preparing the number of copies required by the sponsor; and 7) mailing the proposal to the sponsor. The office refers all faculty approaches to corporations and private foundations to the Development Office, which has the responsibility for submitting proposals and/or contracting these potential funders.

The office also provides administrative support for the committees that review the internal grants: Separately Budgeted Research (SBR), Student Faculty Research, Alumni, Global Education, and Career Development (CD). CD provides released time or summer stipends, and limited monetary support. The other programs provide summer stipends and monetary support only. The Global Education Center provides grants for full-time faculty and staff in the following six areas: 1) internationalization of the curriculum; 2) scholarly conferences, publications, and special events; 3) faculty seminars in global education; 4) ongoing conferences; 5) overseas internships and short-term training; and 6) visiting scholars and artists. The major grant competition is held in early November for all categories and, depending on funding, a smaller competition may be held in the Spring, limited to travel. Contact the Global Education Center at (973) 655-7566 for more information regarding this program.

A Staff Training for Professional Development account is also available for professional staff members and librarians. In addition to other funding sources that may be available at the unit level for seminars, workshops, courses, and conferences related to their area of responsibility, professional staff and librarians can make application to the Professional Development Peer Review Committee to use these resources.

Tuition Reimbursement/Waiver Programs

Tuition Reimbursement/Waiver Program for Non-Unit Employees

The Tuition Reimbursement/Waiver Program is designed to encourage educational and career development opportunities. To this end, all non-unit employees are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursement or tuition waiver if they are enrolled or plan to enroll in a terminal degree program to increase their expertise, in accordance with the tuition waiver policy.

Tuition Reimbursement/Waiver Program for All Unit Employees

Montclair State University is committed to supporting the educational and career development of its employees. The Tuition Reimbursement/Waiver Program for unit employees is designed for this purpose. To this end, all unit employees are eligible to apply for tuition reimbursment or tuition waiver to increase their expertise, in accordance with the tuition waiver policy.