Campus Resources

Banking Services
Location: Student Center & Red Hawk Deck 4th Floor
Telephone: (973) 746-0550

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) are available for faculty, staff, and students in the Student Center and on the the fourth floor of the Red Hawk Deck. Accounts can be obtained through Bank of America, NJ. The machine also provides access to the following cash networks: NYCE, Star, and CIRRUS.

Location: Student Center
Telephone: (973) 655-4310

The Bookstore provides all required textbooks and stocks items of general use. Included in the general use category are: greeting cards, stationery, school supplies, insignia items and gifts, general books, text preparation guides, and clothing. Hours of operation are posted at the Bookstore and in the course schedule booklet.

Campus Ministry
Location: Newman Catholic Center
Telephone: (973) 746-2323

The Montclair campus is served by a number of professional campus ministers, ordained chaplains and advisers representing major religious denominations that support their efforts here. Together they form the Campus Ministry Council.

The Children's Center
Location: 80 Clove Road
Telephone: (973) 655-7177

The Children’s Center is a 21,547 square foot building towards the northern edge of the Montclair State campus. It contains two classroom pods and an academic core and features ample outdoor play spaces. The Center has the capacity to serve nearly 500 (225) young children (ages 3 months to 6 years) a year. The Center is open 7:30 am to 6:15 pm Monday thru Friday (on days that the University is open). Please contact Theresa Andrade ( for information regarding placement of your child in the Center.

Dining Services
Location: Student Center
Telephone: (973) 655-7707

Several dining locations are available across the campus. All operations accept cash, credit, debit, Flex Dollars, and Red Hawk Dollars. For information on Faculty and Staff meal plans, click here

For a map and list of all Dining Venues on-campus, you can check out the Dining website here. Hours for all operations can be found here. In addition, in excess of 100 vending machines are conveniently located throughout the campus. 

Chartwells, the Campus Dining Services provider, offers catering services for special events, meetings, conferences, etc., at a discounted price. Please call x4224 for further catering information or contact catering via the Dining website here.

The Harry A. Sprague Library is centrally located. It offers services to students, faculty, and staff of the University and is open to the public. Material may be checked out by presenting a current MSU ID Card.
Hours are posted in the Library and on the Library’s homepage, or you may call x4298.

Lost and Found
The lost and found department is located in the University Police Department. Found articles should be brought to this office where they will be properly tagged and logged.

Mail Center
Location: 211 Maintenance Building
Telephone: 655-4189
Incoming and outgoing mail is received and processed in the Central Mail Distribution Center. Incoming mail is delivered daily to each department at the same time interoffice and outgoing mail is collected.

Stamps for personal use are available in the Bookstore and on the first floor of College Hall (vending machine).

Notary Public
There are notary publics available in the Division of Human Resources for University-related business.

Office of Procurement Services
Location: 855 Valley Road. Suite 112
Telephone: (973) 655-4145

The Office of Procurement Services assists all departments in obtaining the materials, supplies, equipment, and services necessary for University operation.

Except for a limited amount of office supplies (copy paper, toner, MSU envelopes and exam booklets) in the Central Storeroom, all items must be requisitioned through the use of the FRS or "On-line Requisitioning." Department head authorization (fiscal agent) is required for purchase of items.

All purchases from one vendor in the aggregate in one year exceeding $18,600 must be publicly advertised and bid. Please allow one month lead time for this process and consult the Office of Procurement Services well in advance of the need date.

Procurement procedures have been distributed to all fiscal agents. Please visit Procurement’s website for further information or contact your department office or the Office of Procurement Services.

Location: University Police
Red Hawk Road
Telephone: 973-655-5222

The safety program at Montclair State University is a community effort for the general benefit of students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We are partners in creating an environment that is safe and promotes learning, social interaction, and leisure activities. A university community, like a residential community, reflects the society at large. As in other places, crime does occur on university campuses. Montclair State University has taken many steps to create a secure campus.

University Police - An independent, full service police department, the department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the entire year. Community safety is the primary responsibility of the University Police Department, administered by a Chief of Police who reports to the Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life. In addition to the Chief, the department is staffed by commissioned police officers and dispatch officers. Information and emergency telephone numbers are posted and published throughout campus. Officers at headquarters are in direct radio communication with officers on patrol. Patrols of the campus are made by police personnel in highly visible police vehicles. In addition, University police officers conduct regular foot patrols. Along with heightened foot patrols and mobile units, bicycle patrols increase awareness as well as the visibility of police officers.

Self-Defense Training - Offered by University police officers, this training is free and open to all members of the campus community. Training is offered periodically throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Crime Prevention - Through a variety of educational programs, crime prevention officers conduct panel discussions for classes, Residence Life, student organizations, and academic departments and administrative offices.

Operation ID - This program assists members of the campus community in properly marking their property by collecting serial and model numbers of valuables, and offers suggestions for safeguarding jewelry.

Security Survey Program - A crime prevention officer will survey any area on campus that members of the campus community believe may be unsafe.

Crime Updates - Crime prevention personnel provide the student newspaper, The Montclarion, with weekly police blotter information. Crime bulletins are also disseminated throughout campus via fliers, newsletters, and electronic mail.

Escort Service - The MSU Police Escort Service was established by the department to provide a safe means of transportation to community members who must move about the campus after normal working hours. It is not a taxi service and should not be used for every change of location you make during the course of the evening. However, if you are concerned about safety and cannot walk with a friend or travel in a well-lit area, then please use the escort service.

Access to Facilities - Access to campus facilities is generally restricted to students and employees with a University ID Card and proper authorization. During weekends and holidays, persons who require access to any building must first check in at the University Police Headquarters.

Emergency Call Boxes - There are 124 emergency call boxes located throughout the campus. Exterior call boxes are easily identified by large red and white emergency phone signs and a blue light overhead.

Shuttle Bus Service
Office of Transportation & Parking Services
Red Hawk Parking Deck
Telephone : 973-655-3326 or 5444

Montclair State University offers a shuttle bus for employees, students, and visitors traveling across campus. The MSU Shuttle Bus System serves the Red Hawk Deck, Student Center, General Parking Lots, Clove Road Apartments, the Village at Little Falls, and the New Jersey Transit Montclair Heights & Montclair State University at Little Falls Train Stations. Shuttle service hours are from 6:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. Mondays through Fridays, and from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Definity G3 telephone system permits direct incoming and outgoing calls from most campus extensions with no need to contact the operator. Certain long distance calls and all overseas calls must be arranged with the campus operator. The Audix Intuity Voice Messaging system provides most University staff with a voicemail account.

Personal calls should not be made on your telephone extension except in cases of emergency. Coin telephones are located in each building for personal calls. Collect and third party calls are not permitted

Women's Center
Location: 420 Student Center
Telephone: (973) 655-5114

The Women's Center aids in the education of women and men about their ever-changing roles in society. Its staff seeks to increase the too-often ignored responsibilities, potentials, and opportunities leading to the self-determination and fulfillment of every human being.

To achieve this goal for both the on- and off-campus communities, the Center provides drop-in referral and information, programs, lectures, a library, personal awareness seminars, and many other aids in the process of understanding gender roles and expectations.

Art Galleries and Arts Programming
Location: 135 Life Hall
Telephone: (973) 655-5113 or 7640

The Montclair State University Art Galleries were formed by the School of the Arts in 1969 as a nonprofit organization. Their mission is to propagate culture and art through interpretive contemporary art exhibitions and presentation of related events using its collection as well as local, statewide, and international sources.

-The University Art Gallery is devoted to major exhibitions.
-Gallery One is devoted to student exhibitions.
-The George Segal Gallery is devoted to Mr. Segal's art.
-The MFA Art Gallery is an instructional gallery space for the MFA Program.
-The Sculpture Garden is devoted to outdoor art.
-The three galleries and the Sculpture Garden present approximately 17 local and international exhibitions each year. The Art Galleries also manage outdoor sculptures on the MSU campus.

The Office of Arts Programming in the School of the Arts is committed to bringing professional performing artists in the disciplines of dance, theatre, and music to the Montclair State University campus for performances, lecture-demonstrations, master classes, and workshops to augment the curriculum.

The Office supports these activities through ticket sales and grants, offering discounts to MSU faculty, staff, and students. Collaborations with faculty, staff, and students in developing, funding, and producing performing arts-related programs are encouraged.

Alexander Kasser Theater
The newly completed Alexander Kasser Theater is a multi-use facility for performances of drama, musical theater, dance, orchestral concerts, solo recitals and chamber opera. The 500-seat Alexander Kasser Theater Building is four stories high and approximately 55,000 gross square feet.
For information about performances and tickets, please visit

Several recreational facilities exist across campus for use by students, faculty, and staff with valid Montclair State University IDs. These include the Panzer Gymnasium located at the entrance to the campus off Normal Avenue; the Fitness Center located in Panzer Gym; the Panzer Pool, a 25-yard, six-lane pool; the Fieldhouse, which houses two weight rooms and cardio machines, located in Quarry Parking Lot #23; and the Dioguardi Track and Field located below the Fieldhouse. Hours of operation for the various facilities are posted on the Recreation Department’s website ( or call ext. 4354

Campus Organizations

African American Caucus: Purpose is (a) to identify and to seek to effect changes in the traditional educational practices that have served as barriers to people of African descent; (b) to increase the number of employees of African descent; (c) to advocate for enhanced roles for employees of African descent in the overall governance of the institution; (d) to serve as a resource and provide the institution with an ongoing forum related to African and African American cultures and issues.

Asian Pacific Islander Caucus: Initiated by a concerned group of distinctive scholars and highly acclaimed professional staff, the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus (APIC) was founded at Montclair State University on January 29, 1991 to foster cooperation between faculty, staff and students belonging to the Asian Pacific Islander community and enhance communication between Asian Pacific Islanders and all other ethnic communities on campus. Reflecting increased growth of campus population and its changing demographics, the Caucus, since its inception, has grown considerably over the past decade and includes well over 140 dedicated members at present.

While providing the members with an opportunity to preserve their ethnic and cultural identity, APIC works with an unified agenda of pooling of valuable member resources, finding peer and leadership support, creating conducive atmosphere for fruitful communication and interactive reflection of thoughts and ideas, and, building an action-oriented framework to work on issues related to professional and cultural growth of the community.

While personal growth is always a major focus, APIC's list of concern is almost unlimited. The members of the organization meet on a regular basis to address issues related to Affirmative Action in personnel selection procedure and its impact on Asian Pacific Islander community, support of college and community programs assisting all groups of minority students, and designing of activities to foster campus-wide understanding and appreciation of richness and diversities of Asian Pacific Islander cultures. The organization plans to achieve its objectives through the leadership of its executive committee and through co-operation with the college President and administration.

While the Executive Committee of the organization provides leadership by developing broad work agenda, organizing meetings and overseeing year round activities, five different subcommittees supervise specific tasks of the organization, proposes action plans to the Executive Committee, and plans special day events. 

For more information on the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, please contact the following elected officers: 

Latino/a Caucus: Purpose of the Latino/a Caucus is to provide an action-oriented forum for the examination of matters and issues important to Latino/a and other targeted minorities, et al. For further information, please visit their website at: or call x5161 or x4433.

Women's Caucus: Purpose of the Women's Caucus is to provide a support system for all women on the MSU campus. Its main focus is to champion the interests of women, improve the campus atmosphere and create a true women's power base to achieve equality for our community. For further information, please contact Esmilda Abreu at

University Senate: Created to ensure representation and participation of faculty, professional staff, students and administration in the governance of the University and to provide a forum for Faculty, Administrators, Librarians, Administrative Professionals, Professional Staff, and Students to discuss and recommend academic policy issues to the Administration.

Office of International Services: Organization offers a range of programs for all international students, scholars and faculty at Montclair State University.

MSU Professional Staff Association: Organization formed to maintain a supportive community promoting the mission of the university while at the same time providing and sharing what Professional Staff have developed and learned with each other.

IAAP/International Association of Administrative Professionals:
MSU Chapter of International Organization: A world-wide, not-for-profit professional association. The association works in partnership with employers to promote excellence. Its members include administrative assistants, executive secretaries, office coordinators, information specialists, and related administrative professionals.

Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual/Transgender Faculty and Staff Association: Organization of Gay & Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Faculty and Staff that seeks to foster understanding and outreach about their lives and concerns in order to reduce fear, prejudice, and discrimination.

The American Council on Education (ACE) is a national organization dedicated to advancing access and quality in American higher education. In 1973, the Office of Women in Higher Education (OWHE) was established as a program of ACE. OWHE provides information and advice to higher education constitutencies regarding politics, issues, education and research that influence women's equity, diversity and advancement. One of OWHE's goals is to advance women to executive positions on campus. MSU's ACENet organization seeks to promote and mentor women's leadership roles at the University. For further information about the organization and membership, please contact Esmilda Abreu, MSU Institutional Representative to the NJ ACENetwork for Women Leaders in Higher Education, at