None of the university's policies, procedures or practices, including those set forth in this handbook, are to be viewed as a contract or as making any promises or as creating any contractual rights of any kind. Rather, they are guidelines which are subject to the university's interpretation, and which can be suspended or changed by the university at its discretion at any time and without prior notice or agreement. This handbook supersedes and replaces all previous handbooks and other statements of university policies, rules and procedures. Only the president of the university or his/her designee has the authority to enter into a contract of employment for any specified period or to make any promises about any benefits of employment. Any such agreement or promise shall not be enforceable unless set forth in writing and signed by the president or the president's designee.

Nothing contained in this handbook or any other manual or policy, work rule or oral or written statement of the university is to be viewed as creating a contract or as making any promises or as creating any contractual right of any kind to employment or the benefits of employment. With the exception of “classified service” employees, or individual contracts of employment, or employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement containing provisions to the contrary, the employment of each person is “at will,” which means employment may be terminated at the employee's option or the university's option, at any time, for any reason or no reason, with or without cause.