General Information

The quality of the University and the educational experience we can offer our students is determined, in large measure, by the quality and nature of our workforce. Within this context, our goal is to recruit and retain the highest quality employee. It is critical that we provide clear direction to connect the work effort and product to the achievement of the University’s mission and strategic plan, establish the highest standards of work performance, and communicate these effectively. Given the relative stability of our workforce, we also attend closely to the ways in which we provide and support the continuing professional development of our staff. All of these processes combine with the special programs we have in place to recognize and reward exceptional performance to result in a workforce that is highly motivated and manifests good morale.

In addition, the University works to ensure that every employee exemplifies the values that are integral to our community. Chief among these core values is the richness and depth that a diverse culture may offer both society at large and the University in particular.

Within this context, the Division of Human Resources of Montclair State University is pleased to provide you with this Employee Handbook. The Handbook represents a compilation and condensation of governing language from a variety of sources with respect to employment issues. It is intended for general information purposes only. I would encourage you to familiarize yourself with its contents and to contact the appropriate office within the Division of Human Resources to clarify any questions you may have about a particular issue or section.

Please advise the Division of Human Resources immediately of any change in personal status that may affect your employee benefits or personnel records in any way. We can serve you best when there is an effective partnership and timely communication. Immediately following this introduction is a Human Resources contact list for your convenience.

We appreciate your commitment to the University and the students we serve and stand ready to assist you in any way we can.

Jerry M. Cutler
Vice President for Human Resources