Other Pertinent Information


The Office of Transportation and Parking Services is authorized to manage the parking and transportation resources at Montclair State University. This includes parking management, parking operations, and parking enforcement. The Office of Transportation and Parking Services seeks to balance the demand for and supply of parking. It strives to manage this valuable resource in the most efficient and equitable way possible to accommodate the needs of employees and students. There exist almost 6,000 parking spaces on the Montclair State University campus. All are monitored to ensure that vehicles are in compliance with rules and regulations. The goal is to ensure that parking spaces are available for those who have permits while maintaining pedestrian safety in core campus areas.

Employees are required to familiarize themselves with the Parking Rules and Regulations. A copy of these regulations may be obtained in the Parking Services Office in the Red Hawk Deck on the P1 level, or on-line at the University website. These regulations are subject to modification at any time.

Parking on campus is a privilege and not a right. Motor vehicles parked on University property must display a valid MSU parking permit or pass. The type of permit indicates the areas and lots where the vehicle may be parked. A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only that an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on University property. The responsibility of finding an authorized space rests with the registered driver of the vehicle. Furthermore, lack of space in a given lot or location is not considered a valid reason for the violation of any parking regulation. Ownership of the parking permit remains with the University. Individuals are not allowed to transfer ownership. Permits or passes must be displayed in accordance with the parking regulations or instructions provided at the time of issuance. A parking permit is not considered valid unless it is displayed correctly on the vehicle.

The parking services function at Montclair State University is financially self-supporting, and accordingly, there may be a cost for certain parking permits. New employees must present documentation of employment from the appropriate hiring department or their University identification card in order to obtain a parking permit.

For additional information regarding parking operations, please contact the Parking Services Office. Administrative questions should be directed to the Director of Transportation and Parking Services.

Campus Directory
The campus directory providing contact information for all active employees on campus is on-line and updated nightly. Two Postscript Document Format (PDF) versions of the MSU Online Directory are also available for those who may want to print some or all of the directory. A MSU NetID and password is required to access this feature.

The directory is accessible from the MSU homepage. At the top right, click on DIRECTORY. All or part of a person’s first and/or last name may be typed into the SEARCH FOR box. If a departmental listing is preferred, click on ADVANCED and use the pull-down menu.

Name, on-campus telephone number, title, department, building, room, and e-mail address are displayed. To update one’s personal information contact the Database Manager in the Division of Human Resources. Throughout the year, basic directory information is e-mailed to all employees so they may verify their listing in the directory.

Service Awards
The University acknowledges and appreciates the contributions made by its employees during their years of service to Montclair State University. Awards for each five-year period of service are given to all employees who complete the required number of years of employment at an annual awards program coordinated by the Division of Human Resources. Awards for retiring employees shall be given at the annual awards program in the year the employee retires, exclusive of vested retirement, to all employees who retire with a pension from the state.

Campus Map
A current University map can be found at: http://www.montclair.edu/map/. Employees are encouraged to consult this URL in order to view the most updated version of Montclair State University’s campus map.

Organizational Charts

Organizational charts of Montclair State University’s nine administrative divisions can be found at: 


  • Division of the President
  • Division of Academic Affairs
  • Division of Budget and Resource Planning
  • Division of Finance and Treasury
  • Division of Information Technology
  • Division of University Facilities
  • Division of Human Resources
  • Division of Student Development and Campus Life
  • Division of University Advancement