Personnel Files

A personnel file is maintained for each employee of the University in the Division of Human Resources.

The Division of Human Resources places in the file such documents as application materials, evaluations, letters of reference or recommendation, and communications indicating special competencies, achievements, research, performance and contributions of an academic, professional, or civic nature. An employee may submit commendations to be included. A copy of the file, including all items submitted by the employee, shall be made available to him/her upon request at his/her own expense except for the first ten (10) pages each year, which shall be free of charge. Anonymous communications shall not be placed in the personnel file of any employee with the exception of documents specifically provided for in the evaluation procedure.

Upon request and with reasonable notice to the Department of Staffing Services in Human Resources, an employee has the opportunity to review the contents of his/her personnel file. An employee shall have the right to respond to any document in his/her personnel file. Such response shall be directed to the Vice President of Human Resources and shall be included in the employee's personnel file, attached to the appropriate document.

Information solicited in confidence as part of the initial appointment process is confidential and may not be reviewed by the employee. Access to personnel files is limited to those directly involved in the administration or evaluation process related to a particular employee file.