Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

Montclair State University is subject to NJSA 26:3D-15 through 21 on smoking in public places (Health and Vital Statistics). In compliance with this law, the President approved a smoking regulation that prohibits the smoking or carrying of lighted cigars, cigarettes, pipes, or any matter or substance which contains tobacco in all indoor spaces on the Montclair State campus, including: classrooms, storage rooms, conference rooms, gymnasiums, offices, restrooms, auditoriums, locker rooms, lecture halls, pool, libraries, hallways, eating areas, stairways, elevators, campus-owned vehicles, residence halls, and chartered/rented/leased vehicles.

The department head or unit manager is responsible for the administration and enforcement of this policy within his/her area.

Any member of the campus community may ask an individual to comply with the provisions of this regulation or may file a complaint with University Police, who may issue a summons. Any individual who fails to comply is subject to a fine as determined by the local court where the summons is filed (typically $25-$200).