University Guidelines on Managerial, Professional Staff, Librarians and Administrative Staff Teaching Courses at the University

From time to time, managers and members of the professional staff/ librarians and administrative staff may be called upon to teach in areas in which they are academically qualified. All such instructional activity must be approved in advance, by the divisional vice president and shall be subject to the following guidelines.

Managerial Staff

A qualified member of the managerial staff may teach in any given term. For deans and vice presidents, this teaching responsibility may be scheduled at any given time during the day or evening and will not be compensated.

For all other managers, any teaching responsibility must be scheduled outside the normal hours of work unless an exception has been approved by the vice president. Such instructional activity will be compensated at the same rate as is available to faculty and professional staff who take on teaching responsibilities above their normal load.

Professional Staff/Librarians/Administrative Staff

Certain members of the professional staff/librarians. may be required as part of their normal duties to teach a class(es) in any given term. In these circumstances, the class(es) may be scheduled at any time during the day or evening subject to the approval of the vice president. In these cases, there will be no additional compensation.

Professional staff/librarians and administrative staff who are qualified to teach and who do not as part of their normal assignments, may with the approval of the vice president, be permitted to do so. Such teaching may not interfere with the primary responsibilities of the individual.
Compensation for such teaching will be compensated at the appropriate overload rate.