Classified staff are defined as those employees who are governed by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission employment guidelines as found in the New Jersey Admninistrative Code. They are University police employees, Clerical/Support Staff, and Maintenance employees. They are also known as New Jersey's Civil Service employees.

Listed below are many of the forms frequently used by Classified Staff in the Division of Human Resources.  If you have any problems using this page or downloading forms, please email

* Please note that any changes made to these Word templates without the consent of the Division of Human Resources will result in the form being returned to the appropriate Division or Department for resubmission on the HR version. (Last updated 11/15)

Guidelines, Procedures and Policies



Guide to Hiring Internationals at Montclair State University (Click on hiring guidelines)

Form Name Purpose

Recruitment Guidelines


To provide information on the process of recruiting and hiring Classified Employees
Position Action Approval Form (PAAF) To initiate employment actions 
Job Description Form To document job duties, responsibilities, qualifications and educational requirements

Authorization for Release of Information


To provide authorization to verify information on application

Applicant Evaluation


To document the selection/appointment of a candidate to a classified position

Reference Checking


To document references contacted for final candidates


Form Name Purpose

Budget Information for Position Reclassification Request


To request position reclassification funds

Position Reclassification Request


To document a request for reclassification 

Reclassification Procedures


To provide information about the process of a reclassification request

 Performance Evaluation

Form Name Purpose

Performance Assessment Review (PAR)




New Jersey Examinations

Form Name Purpose
Application for Open-Competitive Exams To apply for a Civil Service clerical assessment examination for consideration for future clerical job openings 
Application for Promotional Examination To apply for testing/certification for promotional opportunities


Form Name Purpose
Exit Interview Questionnaire To obtain information from employees leaving the University 

Employee Separation Form

To verify that employees leaving University employment have satisfied all responsibilities 


Form Name Purpose
Tuition Waiver for IFPTE dependents To obtain a waiver of tuition for eligible dependents of IFPTE-union employees
Tuition Waiver To obtain a waiver of tuition for classified employees wishing to take classes

Working Test Period

To document the pass/fail probationary period in civil service positions