Performance Assessment Review (PAR)

The State of New Jersey Performance Assessment Review (PAR)

The Performance Assessment Review is an assessment model, using a three-tiered rating scale. This system is used to evaluate performance for employees and/or their supervisors who are currently represented by AFSCME,CWA, IFPTE,PBA, FOP or NJSLE unions.

PAR is an important part of organizational life. Taken seriously, it enhances organizational effectiveness and efficiency and for public sector organizations, it reduces the cost of doing business and therefore saves tax dollars.

As important as accurate completion of the forms is to the overall process, it is critical to remember that this process requires communication between rater (Supervisor) and ratee (employee) and that communication is a two-way exchange. Everything about this system and the process that surrounds it is geared toward increasing communication and reducing misunderstandings that often arise when one person evaluates the work of another.


NOTE: The supervisor PAR form is only for employees that are supervisors. ex:Crew Supervisor


For step by step instructions pertaining to this process. Please download the Powerpoint Presentation below:  

Performance Assessment Review System Presentation