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11 January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and the Montclair State Interest Group against Human Trafficking (MIGHT) has dedicated the entire month to raising awareness around this issue, including a variety of events and an interactive exhibit on campus. The personal stories of victims on this website are part of this effort, portraying each individual’s narrative, helping us better understand the different forms and the extent of Human Trafficking in the US and abroad. Click on a tile to start reading the stories.

(Note: Tile images do not represent actual victims and are from creative commons sources.)

woman shadowMayaStory 1male shadowMichaelStory 2Three shadowsMelindaStory 3girl headshotJae-UnStory 4female headshot shadowsMei LingStory 5PaulStory 6FlorStory 7ManuelStory 8NataliciaStory 9PingStory 10BlessingStory 11boy shadow in the streetOseiStory 12LuizaStory 13KylerStory 14Khawng NuStory 15TonyaStory 16AshaStory 17Fateh, Hassan, EmirStory 18KarmoStory 19DanielStory 20AishaStory 21girl in streetGloriaStory 22AbdulStory 23Sadi AhmedStory 24BeckyStory 25Teenage BoysStory 26MansourStory 27GraceStory 28

OmidStory 29MattallaStory 30