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Updated: Leveraging Our Gartner Resource

Posted in: IT Services

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Gartner Research is one of the foremost leaders in technology market research and trend analysis and is an indispensable daily resource for thousands of professionals in both business and higher education. Through the University’s Gartner membership, we are able to offer Gartner’s Campus Access service to all students, faculty, and staff at Montclair State University. Campus Access allows everyone at Montclair State to easily search and view Garter Core Research materials including vendor analysis, technology white papers, real-world use cases, and other market research. All you need to access the Gartner Campus Access Portal is your NetID and password. For new setups, you will be asked a few additional questions to complete your account.

If you experience any difficulty using the Gartner Campus Access service, please contact the IT Service Desk at x7971 or send an email to itservicedesk@montclair.edu.