ITDS Special Events

Prepare for Summer with our Pre-Semester Tech Camp

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The pre-semester tech camp will help you prepare to teach online during the 2020 Summer semester.


The ITDS team will offer a full day of sessions focusing on best practices in online course design and organization, leading effective teamwork and collaboration, creating authentic assessments, and several tools to engage students in the online environment.


This virtual day will occur using live sessions in Zoom and provide resources in Canvas.


Get ready for the Fall term with our Fall Prep Tech Camp

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Our Summer Tech Camp offers a range of hands-on workshops that involve best practices on how to implement effective instructional strategies, facilitate learner-centered interaction and collaboration, and create objective-oriented assessments. We have many opportunities for faculty and staff to work on courses in consultation with ITDS staff.

Brace for Winter Session with our Workshops

The Winter Session Office has partnered with the ITDS team to offer a full day of workshops. This virtual day will occur using live sessions in Zoom and provide resources in Canvas. Please register below. You can review our scheduled Agenda at your leisure.


Tuesday, December 1st, 2020
Location: Online via Canvas and Zoom

Spring 2021: Inclusive Teaching Practices and Engaging Instructional Technologies Virtual Conference

The Office of Faculty Advancement (OFA) and Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS) will present a two-day faculty development virtual conference on January 13th & 14th.


The event will kick off with keynote speaker
Dr. Lisa Hanasano on “Making Connections: Communicating Inclusivity in Our Classrooms and Beyond” followed by a workshop on inclusive teaching.


The event will also include MSU faculty panel presentations and workshops on class management, a variety of engaging instructional technologies and more.


Register now and review our Agenda.