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Certification Program for Teaching Online and Hybrid

About the Program

The certification program for teaching online and hybrid courses at Montclair State University is designed to empower faculty with a critical foundation to develop best pedagogical and technological practices for online and hybrid teaching. This faculty development program includes the following 2 tracks, and comes with certification upon completion of both components.

In light of the immediate need for all faculty to teach online for the rest of this term, the Provost has suspended the current requirements of the Certification Program.


Empowering Online Teaching and Learning (EOTL)

  • Online and Hybrid Pedagogy and Best Practices
  • 4 weeks – fully online, offered year round
  • 4 Learning Modules – one per week, 2-4 hr estimated commitment each week

The Pedagogy Track consists of a 4 week course – Empowering Online Teaching and Learning (EOTL) – delivered purely online and facilitated by our instructional designers. The course is designed to serve as a prerequisite, and is required for all full time faculty interested in teaching online or hybrid (blended). Rather than a skills-based technology approach, the course engages faculty from a pedagogical perspective critical for teaching and learning. The EOTL experience provides faculty with a pedagogical foundation for designing and teaching online and hybrid courses at Montclair State University through the following key topics (modules):

  • An Overview of Teaching and Learning Across Modalities
  • Designing a Learner-Centered Online/Hybrid Course
  • Online/Hybrid Community and Interaction
  • Online/Hybrid Learning Assessments

This comprehensive exploration into online and hybrid teaching models best practices and enables faculty participants to experience taking an online course while applying research-based methodologies to the design and delivery of their own courses. Visit our Empowering Online Teaching and Learning section of the Faculty Development web page for registration and more information.


– Introduction to Canvas (required)
– Leading Effective Discussions, Teamwork and Collaboration in Canvas (recommended)
– Designing Assessments in Canvas (recommended)

The Canvas Track aims to help faculty develop foundational competencies in order to use Canvas to teach online or hybrid. The Introduction to Canvas training class introduces how to build a learner centered course in the Canvas environment. Faculty will gain familiarity with the Canvas interface and learn how to effectively construct and manage their courses. They will explore how to customize the course settings, create announcements, build instructionally sound learning modules, utilize the dynamic syllabus tool, design learning activities and assessments, and more.

To register please visit our training registration site.

Faculty members are also strongly encouraged to take two additional Canvas training classes: Leading Effective Discussions, Teamwork and Collaboration in Canvas and Designing Assessment in Canvas. Additional details can be found in the Canvas section of our Training Offerings page.