Empowering Online/Hybrid Teaching and Learning (EOTL)

Empowering Online/Hybrid Teaching and Learning (EOTL)

The Empowering Online/Hybrid Teaching and Learning (EOTL) course is an online, asynchronous program intended to provide faculty with an overview of online teaching and learning, applicable for both online and hybrid courses. ITDS offers this course in a three-week format multiple times per year. Upcoming sessions are:

FA21 – 10/11/21-10/31/21

Registration is open!

The EOTL program is conducted in Canvas and includes the following topics:

  • Designing Learner-Centered Online/Hybrid Courses
  • Online/Hybrid Community and Interaction
  • Online/Hybrid Learning Assessments
The EOTL is facilitated by our Instructional Designers and will involve approximately 4 – 5 hours of commitment each week. This course is considered the pedagogical track of our faculty development program (FDP).

We also offer a Canvas track to strengthen your mastery of instructional technologies. This track includes foundational workshops delivered both face-to-face and online. Additional details can be found in the Canvas section of our Training Offerings page.

From the fall of 2012, when the first cohort was offered, through the spring of 2020, ITDS has offered more than 25 cohorts totaling over 600 faculty registrants, across colleges and departments. Approximately 80% of faculty participants surveyed rated their overall satisfaction with the program as excellent or good (81%).

Faculty shared the following comments on the program through the course evaluations:

“I enjoyed being a student in this online course. It’s insightful to walk in a student’s shoes from time to time. I enjoyed being on the other side of the fence.”

“The course was very well-organized and followed its own guidelines, serving as a great model for designing one’s own course. The instructors were very helpful in guiding the course.”

“I really enjoyed being able to frame what online teaching is about. From techniques, to terminology, to perspectives it highly enriched my understanding of this delivery mode.”

“The course design project was a very useful component of the course. I appreciate that it was optional so that the course could be accessible to a broader audience.”

“I love learning new things, and being a complete novice to online learning/teaching, the course gave me a great understanding of what a successful online course needs to look like.”

The course evaluation asked participants if this program should be mandatory for faculty who are teaching online for the first time. Approximately 85% faculty surveyed Strongly Agree and Agree. One faculty participant shared:

“Even if someone comes to MSU with experience, I believe every instructor should participate in this course before teaching an online class.  In addition, students should participate in the online readiness assessment before registering for an online course.”