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Institutional Research & Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to foster at the University a “culture of evidence,” where evaluation is supported by valid and reliable information, and where both planning and decision-making are knowledge-based. To achieve its mission, OIR conducts both routine and special studies whose results are widely disseminated. In carrying out these responsibilities, OIR:

  • conducts statistical analyses (both descriptive and inferential) of available University data on applications, admissions, enrollment, degrees, grades, retention and graduation, instruction, employees, and survey results;
  • conducts survey research involving admitted students, currently enrolled students, graduating students, non-returning students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community residents;
  • conducts research using qualitative methods (e.g., focus groups and telephone interviews) to add depth and richness to quantitative analyses and survey data;
  • conducts environmental scans to provide contextual information for strategic planning purposes;
  • manages data by creating and maintaining a data warehouse containing longitudinal information on applicants, enrolled students, alumni, academic programs, instruction, and personnel;
  • maintains a web site to disseminate reports and other information;
  • consults with other units of the University involved in assessment and evaluation activities that need advice on methodology or assistance with such activities as survey design and implementation, statistical analysis of data, and report preparation;
  • coordinates external reporting of institutional statistics to state and federal agencies, accrediting agencies, non-profit associations, and other organizations;
  • prepares descriptive and analytical reports for use by campus policy-makers and policy-making bodies (e.g., the Fact Book).

Quick Facts

Need to find fast facts about the University? Visit the self-service page for information on enrolled students.

Institutional Performance Data

Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA), Annual Institutional Profile Report (State Compliance Reports), IPEDS Data Feedback These Institutional Performance Data reports are largely used for Middle States and compliance.

Survey Research

Visit Survey Research to find out about student and faculty attitudes, as well as graduation survey data.


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