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Cognos Upgrade

Which version will we be upgraded to?

Cognos was upgraded from 11.1.7. on July 2021.

Upgrade Timeline (dates are approximate and not final)

5/26/2021: Development environment ready for testing and validation (Done!)

5/27/2021: Production installation and configuration starts, Development validation in progress

6/22/2021: Production environment ready for testing and validation

6/23/2021 – 7/8/2021: Validate reports and data sources in production

7/7/2021: Go LIVE!

7/12/2021 – 7/16/2021: Production rollout and support

How will the interface look?

We have written highlights of the new features for developers and end-users.

Here is a brief list of some of the new features you can expect to see after the upgrade:

  • reporting interface on top of a data set, making SQL functions possible such as, queries, joins and unions. The result is quicker output because it will decrease database slowness.

screenshot of reporting interface in cognos

  • new visualization features, such as baselines, combination charts allowing multiple values, waterfall charts with many inputs, and treemaps that offer 4 different displays: squarify, slice, dice and slice-dice.

screenshot of combination charts in cognos

screenshot of waterfall chart in cognos

  • Autocomplete when entering fields that are available in the model:

screenshot of autocomplete fields in cognos


screenshot of treemap in cognos

Please see this IBM Cognos 11.1.7 New Features Guide for a more comprehensive analysis, and also see more helpful resources.

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