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Cognos Upgrade

Which version will we be upgraded to?

The Cognos upgrade will bring about new features. The interface will be notably different from the current version, which is 10.2.2. Our new version will be 11.1.7.

Can I still work in the old Cognos?

Yes, you may. Please track any new reports or modifications under the Public Folder and be sure to keep the path to your report. We will need this when we do the migration into the production environment.

Upgrade Timeline (dates are approximate and not final)

5/26/2021: Development environment ready for testing and validation (Done!)

5/27/2021: Production installation and configuration starts, Development validation in progress

6/22/2021: Production environment ready for testing and validation

6/23/2021 – 7/8/2021: Validate reports and data sources in production

7/9/2021: Final production deployment

7/12/2021: Go LIVE!

7/12/2021 – 7/16/2021: Production rollout and support

How will the interface look?

We have written highlights of the new features for developers and end-users.

Here is a brief list of some of the new features you can expect to see after the upgrade:

  • reporting interface on top of a data set, making SQL functions possible such as, queries, joins and unions. The result is quicker output because it will decrease database slowness.

screenshot of reporting interface in cognos

  • new visualization features, such as baselines, combination charts allowing multiple values, waterfall charts with many inputs, and treemaps that offer 4 different displays: squarify, slice, dice and slice-dice.

screenshot of combination charts in cognos

screenshot of waterfall chart in cognos

  • Autocomplete when entering fields that are available in the model:

screenshot of autocomplete fields in cognos


screenshot of treemap in cognos

Please see this IBM Cognos 11.1.7 New Features Guide for a more comprehensive analysis, and also see more helpful resources.

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