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Instructional Technology and Design Services

Mission Statement

Instructional Technology & Design – ITDS (formerly TTI – Technology Training and Integration), a subdivision of Information Technology, is committed to providing services, support and education to the University community in order to effectively integrate innovative instructional strategies and technology into the teaching and learning process. We achieve this mission by offering a wide variety of instructional design consultations/assistance, faculty development programs and initiatives, and technology training opportunities, which are delivered in a manner that is customized to facilitate, support and enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning through assimilation of effective pedagogical paradigms and technology. Our focus is on promoting learning-enhanced educational principles and strategies, adapting emerging and promising technologies to the teaching curriculum, and demonstrating best pedagogical uses that will facilitate a learner-centered educational environment.


photo of Yanling Sun

Dr. Yanling Sun
Director, ITDS
phone: 973-655-4091

photo of Robin Walker

Robin Walker
Program Assistant
phone: 973-655-5449

photo of Courtney Volpe

Courtney Volpe
Senior Technology Trainer
phone: 973-655-6932

photo of Pam Fallivene

Pam Fallivene
Technology Training Specialist
phone: 973-655-5106

Carolyn Demefack

Carolyn Demefack
Senior Instructional Designer
phone: 973-655-3175
photo of Joe Russo

Joe Russo
Instructional Designer
phone: 973-655-5458

Jinxia He
Instructional Designer
phone: 973-655-4027

Patrick Scioscia

Patrick Scioscia
Instructional Designer
phone: 973-655-7811

Keith Adams

Keith Adams
Instructional Designer
phone: 973-655-7849

photo of Rose Lamela

Rose Lamela
Multi Media Specialist
phone: 973-655-3759

photo of Becky-Pataki

Elizabeth Pataki
Administrative Systems Trainer
phone: 973-655-3662

photo of Dan Stratthaus

Dan Stratthaus
Instructional Technology Specialist
phone: 973-655-4242

photo of Terry Steckowich

Terry Steckowich
Online Learning Support Specialist
phone: 973-655-6930

Qian Yao

Qian (Lora) Yao
Instructional Technology Assistant
phone: 973-655-3436

Chris Petrillo

Christopher Petrillo
Instructional Technology Assistant
phone: 973-655-3206

Robert McPherson
Instructional Technology Assistant
phone: 973-655-3205

Mario Cifuentes

Mario Cifuentes
Instructional Technology Assistant
phone: 973-655-3205