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Instructional Technology and Design Services

Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS), a subdivision of Information Technology, is comprised of Instructional Designers, Technology Training Specialists, Instructional Technologists, and Multimedia Specialists. The ITDS team is committed to providing educational technology and instructional design support and services to the University community.  We achieve this through technology workshops, faculty development programs and initiatives, and course design practices. We strive to cultivate and promote collaborative, inclusive and innovative educational experiences to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

What ITDS does includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Researching and exploring innovative and engaging technologies and guiding their integration into teaching and learning
  • Providing instructional technology training via group or private classes
  • Providing 1-on-1 course design and technology consultations regarding effective instructional strategies, assessment methodologies, and appropriate technologies to achieve teaching and learning goals
  • Developing and facilitating faculty development programs and professional development events to foster a collaborative community where faculty and staff colleagues can share and develop best pedagogical practices with each other
  • Offering high-quality course design services for all teaching modalities (in-person, hybrid and online) based on recent trends in learning science while leveraging the latest instructional technologies to support student learning and engagement 
Photo of Yanling Sun

Dr. Yanling Sun
Associate Vice President, Instructional Technology & Design Services

photo of Robin Walker

Robin Walker
Program Assistant

Photo of Pam Fallivene

Pam Fallivene
Lead Technology Trainer

Photo of Abigail Hunte

Abigail Hunte
Senior Technology Trainer

Carolyn Demefack headshot

Carolyn Demefack
Director of Instructional Design & Faculty Development, Team II

Joe Russo headshot

Joe Russo
Director of Instructional Design & Faculty Development, Team I

Dr Jinxia He Headshot

Dr. Jinxia He
Lead Instructional Designer

Photo of Patrick Scioscia

Patrick Scioscia
Lead Instructional Designer

Keith Adams headshot

Keith Adams
Instructional Designer

Photo of Joe Yankus

Joseph Yankus
Instructional Designer

Qian (Lora) Yao headshot

Qian (Lora) Yao
Instructional Designer

Photo of Chris Petrillo

Christopher Petrillo
Instructional Designer

Joaly Garcia headshot

Joaly Garcia
Instructional Designer

Photo of Gina Policastro

Gina Policastro
Instructional Designer

headshot of Sherry Schulz

Sherry Schulz
Instructional Designer

Photo of Jean Moreno-Lassalle

Jean Moreno-Lassalle
Instructional Designer

Rosi Lamela headhsot

Rose Lamela
Multimedia Specialist

Photo of Felix Bautista

Felix Bautista
Multimedia Assistant

photo of Dan Stratthaus

Dan Stratthaus
Lead Instructional Technologist

photo of Terry Steckowich

Terry Steckowich
Instructional Technology Specialist