Faculty attending lecture session

Faculty Development

Instructional Technology and Design Services offers several faculty development opportunities year round to support face to face, online, and hybrid teaching. These include faculty-led technology workshops, a fully online course emphasizing pedagogical approaches, a summer and winter tech camp, and our annual Summer Institute. We also provide a Certification Program for teaching online and hybrid, which beginning in the fall of 2020 is required for all full time faculty teaching online or hybrid at MSU. For faculty new to Canvas, visit our MSU Canvas Faculty Orientation.

The Empowering Online Teaching and Learning (EOTL) course is a four-week program intended to provide faculty with an overview of online teaching and learning, applicable for both online and hybrid courses. ITDS offers this course multiple times per year.

Empowering Online Teaching and Learning

Our annual Summer Institute showcases best practices on how to implement effective instructional strategies, facilitate learner-centered interaction and collaboration, and create objective-oriented assessments to enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Annual Summer Institute

Our annual tech camp events offer a range of hands-on workshop that involve effective pedagogical strategies to promote active learning, facilitate productive collaboration, and utilize effective learning assessments. There are ample opportunities for faculty and staff to work on courses with consultation and assistance provided by our ITDS staff.

Winter and Summer Tech Camps

Our faculty-led workshops cover a wide range of topics for pedagogical and professional approaches to teaching, applicable in face to face, online, and hybrid teaching settings.

Faculty-led Workshops

Montclair State University faculty share their diverse perspectives on the benefits and challenges of teaching online, important pedagogical considerations, as well as instructional approaches and strategies applicable to both online and hybrid teaching and learning.

Faculty Perspectives