Pedagogical Strategies and Practices


Generally defined as the theory and practice of teaching, pedagogy refers to the methodology and process of how instructors approach teaching and learning using a specific curriculum with specific goals in mind. Traditional pedagogy refers predominantly to the face to face teaching environment and the conceptual frameworks around how people learn in that particular space. Over the past few decades, conventional pedagogy has evolved to include other modalities; specifically, the online environment (formerly known as Distance Learning). Most of the pedagogical practices used in the traditional face to face classroom can be applied effectively to other modes of teaching like online, hybrid, or blended learning environments and vice-versa.

faculty and student

This section provides some pedagogical guidance and suggestions for instructors teaching in different learning environments. Regardless of the approach and learning space, effective pedagogical practices must be designed with the learner in mind in order to maximize engagement and ultimately, impact mastery of student outcomes.

Within this section, Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS) has complied research and examples of sound pedagogical practices for your review.

For more guidance on best practices in effective pedagogy, or in designing and managing your courses, we encourage you to meet with one of our Instructional Designers by requesting a one-on-one Instructional Design Consultation using the ITDS Appointment Scheduler.