In-person Scheduling

For classes in the HawkLIVE or HawkMIX modality, there are a certain number of seats available for students to attend in-person. ITDS has identified a few different options faculty can use in order to allow students to sign up for in-person sessions.

Canvas Calendar/Appointment Groups


Faculty, setting up:

  1. Go to Calendar on global navigation menu
  2. In month view, click any date to add a new event, then choose the “Appointment Groups” tab
  3. Give the appointment group a name and location
  4. Click the “Select Calendars” button to choose the class the appointment group should be scheduled for
  5. Enter a time range for the appointment group. Only add ONE DATE AND TIME.
    1. Ignore the “Divide into equal slots of x minutes” section
  6. Select the check box for “limit each time slot” and set the max number of occupants
  7. Click publish

Faculty, editing an existing appointment group:

  1. Go to Calendar on global nav menu
  2. Click on the appointment group, then choose “Group Details”

Students, reserving a spot:

  1. Go to Calendar on global nav menu
  2. Underneath the mini-calendar on the right, click “Find Appointment”
  3. Choose the class in the dropdown menu that appears (will only show classes that have appointment slots created)
  4. Click on the appointment slot to see available slots left and reserve a slot (if available)
  5. Reservation will also show up on Dashboard Card View under “To-Do”
  6. (If you need to cancel): Visit calendar, click on event, choose “Un-reserve”
Google Sheets

You can make a copy (File > Make a Copy) of our Google Sheet Sign-up Template, then share it via your Canvas course. Instructions are included in the template.

Doodle Poll
  1. Log into with your MSU Google Account
  2. Click Create > Group Meeting
  3. Title your Google Poll (optionally, add a location and description)
  4. Use the Month option to pick specific dates and times, or use the Text option to label items yourself (i.e., you can create in-person or online options)
  5. Select the Limit the number of votes per option, then set a number to enforce any class limits
  6. Click Finish
  7. Choose the “invite by sharing this link” option to copy and share the Doodle link with your class