Teaching Synchronously Online

Synchronous teaching happens in real time and usually refers to lessons offered online through technologies, such as video conferencing, live chat, or live streaming lectures. Some courses are offered as fully online and synchronous, while other course modalities include a synchronous component offered in tandem with in person teaching to provide flexibility and accessibility in course delivery.

This resource provides you with some best practices to make the most of what synchronous sessions have to offer, from preparing for courses with an online synchronous component to practical recommendations on how to facilitate engaging online synchronous class meetings. In addition, some technical tips for using synchronous tools are provided.

  • Hawk Flex Teaching Modalities:
    If you are thinking about teaching in Fall 2020 please refer to Hawk Flex Teaching and modalities of instruction information.
  • Classroom Technology:
    If you are looking for information on classroom technology please visit the Audio-Visual Services website.
  • Web Conferencing Technology:
    Synchronous teaching relies on the use of web conferencing technologies such as Zoom and Canvas Conferencing (Big Blue Button). These tools allow everyone to log in to the software at a pre-scheduled time.

    • Zoom
      MSU provides Zoom accounts to all faculty, staff and students. This web conferencing software is integrated into all Canvas courses, and you can schedule your meetings directly from your course. For more information on how to use the Zoom page in Canvas, please review our Faculty Canvas Guide.
    • BigBlueButton (Canvas Conferencing)
      BigBlueButton is seamlessly integrated into each Canvas course. This conferencing tool makes it easy to conduct synchronous class meetings with all students enrolled in your course. BigBlueButton can be also used to conduct web meetings outside of Canvas.