Observation/Evaluation Rubrics

Course Design Rubric

The Quality Matters Program (QM) suggests and provides guidelines on how to develop and maintain high-quality online and hybrid courses. As a member of QM, the University is committed to integrating the rubric into our online course design process. Access a full version of the QM Rubric Standards 2018 edition with assigned point values.

California State University, Chico, has developed a comprehensive Rubric for Online Instruction designed to clarify what a high-quality course looks like.

QM Higher Education Rubric

Observation/Evaluation for Course Design and Online Teaching

In order to ensure the quality of online courses, the ITDS group has developed a set of evaluation forms for online course design and teaching. Departments, programs, and individual faculty can use these forms to evaluate online courses.

The Online Teaching Evaluation Form is designed for faculty to conduct peer review or to self-assess their online teaching, while the Course Design Evaluation Form serves as a guideline to assess whether an online course is well designed from a pedagogical and technological point of view. Either form can be adapted or revised according to the pedagogical approach of an individual department, program, or faculty.

Montclair State Online Teaching Peer Evaluation

Evaluation form developed by the College of the Arts CART based on our evaluation forms: