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Telecom Phone Guide – Desktop Voicemail System

The Desktop Voicemail System

Diagram of avaya phone

Directions: How to set up your Desktop Voicemail System.

On campus: dial 5323
Off-campus: dial 973-655-5323
Calling from your desk: either press the Envelope icon, or dial 5323 and then enter your password.
Calling from another phone while on campus, dial 8700. You will prompted to enter your extension.
Your First Time PASSWORD is 51515# – You will then be prompted to create a new password.

Password Requirements **Your new password should NOT be too similar to the mailbox number(forward or reverse).
Password should not consist solely of the same digit, i.e. 11111
Password should not contains consecutive digits, i.e. 123456**

You will now be prompted to record your name.

Record your name after voicemail box setup:

1. Login to your voicemail box
2. Dial 5, and then 5 again

Create a new personal greeting:

*this is what callers will hear when they reach your voicemail box.
Login to your voicemail box
Press 3 to enter the Greeting menu
Press 1 to create your greeting
Press 1 to choose the greeting number you would like to record (1 for Personal Greeting, 2 for Extended Absence, 3 for an optional greeting)
Press # (pound) to approve
Press 0 to listen to your new greeting

**Please note, voicemail messages are automatically deleted after 30 days, without warning**