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Security Awareness


Information Technology uses SANS Securing the Human for security awareness training and HIPAA compliance training.

Securing The Human uses video modules and follow up questions to train users in security awareness. Some of the modules SANS offers are: Social Engineering, Malware, Email and Phishing, Passwords, Browsing Safely, and Mobile Devices

To log into the training please go to https://access.sans.org/go/montclair

Security Tips

Montclair State University sends out an Information Technology Security Bulletin to the allusers email list twice a month. This email contains quick information on how to keep your information secure when using devices.

  • Be Alert for E-mail Phishing Scams
    • Don’t readily trust links or attachments
    • Be on the lookout for common signs like odd “From:” addresses, poor spelling or grammar, or requests to provide personal information or credentials
  • Practice Good Password Hygiene
    • Choose strong passwords. Remember, “longer is stronger”
    • Avoid using the same password for different accounts
    • Do not share your passwords with anyone
    • Store your passwords securely using a password manager (not on a post-it under your keyboard)
  • Immediately report any suspicious pop-ups, virus warnings, computer behavior, etc. to your local technical team or the IT Service Desk at 973-655-7971, option 1
    • Early detection and prompt response to potential malware is critical
  • Remember to log out
    • Taking a moment to log out of a computer or web application is a simple, yet often forgotten, way to protect data.