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Annual Summer Institute and Winter Tech Camp

Summer Institute for Teaching, Learning & Technology

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The 2019 Summer Institute was a huge success! Our annual two-day event showcased a range of best practices for how to implement effective instructional strategies, facilitate learner-centered interaction and collaboration, and create objective-oriented assessments to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. Check out our agenda and list of presenters below for more information.


We also introduced a number of exciting instructional technologies for face-to-face, hybrid and online teaching in our efforts to enrich the student learning experience.

This year faculty members shared their teaching strategies and showcased their face-to-face, online and hybrid courses. In addition, a variety of new technologies were introduced and demonstrated. We also presented hands-on workshops, and consultation sessions in course design and technology. If you were not able to attend, please contact us for more information and details.

When: Wednesday June 5th and Thursday June 6th, 2019
Where: ADP Center, University Hall
Registration is now closed.

Check out our 2019 agenda and list of presenters!
Please contact us if you any question: ITDS@montclair.edu

Kick-Off the Spring Semester with our Winter Tech Camp

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The ITDS one-day event, “2019 Winter Tech Camp,” was a huge success. With more than 25 faculty attending, the ITDS team demonstrated a range of effective pedagogical strategies to promote active learning, facilitate productive collaboration, and utilize effective learning assessments. To support these strategies, hands-on workshops were provided. The workshops focused on how to make effective use of Canvas and other technologies to enhance your face-to-face, hybrid and online teaching. There were ample opportunities for faculty and staff to work on courses with consultation and assistance provided by our ITDS staff. Review the 2019 Winter Tech Camp Agenda at your leisure.