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Telecom Phone Guide – Desktop Voicemail Web Portal

The Desktop Voicemail Web Portal

Using the Voicemail Web Portal, you can perform the following functions:

  • Play voicemail messages on a telephone or your computer.
  • Record and send voicemail messages from a telephone or computer.
  • Forward voicemail messages.
  • Reply to voicemail messages.
  • Call the sender of a voicemail message.
  • Delete voicemail messages.
  • Change the status and subject of a voicemail message.
  • Edit your mailbox account settings.

The portal uses Adobe Flash for functionality, which will require some setup in order to access all features.

  1. Click on the lock in the address bar in front of http. Please do not click on Install Now.
  2. From the Flash dropdown click Allow. This will automatically add the site to the list.
  3. If you don’t see the Flash menu, click, Site Settings.
  4. Locate Flash from the listing, change the settings dropdown to Allow. Close the settings tab.
  5. Now refresh the Avaya screen or click Reload. You will now be able to enter information in the fields.


If you require any assistance, please contact:

IT Service Desk – x7971, option 1