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End User Community

End User Community Personnel

  • College of Education and Human Services – Jason Rubin
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences – Jason Dickinson, Jaclyn Novak
  • College of Science and Mathematics – Polina Chelnitsky, Gloria Rodriguez, Stefanie Brachfeld, Quinn Vega
  • Feliciano School of Business – Jonida Dervishi
  • Office of Research and Sponsored Programs – Catherine Bruno
  • College of the Arts – Marie Sparks, Zacrah Battle
  • Development – Amy Fairclough
  • Academic Affairs – Ken Sumner, Mary Colon
  • Information Technology – Debbie Coull, Robin Walker, Daisy Estelle
  • Graduate School – Caren Ferrante
  • Student Development and Campus Life – Melissa Ginotti
  • University College – Daphne Galkin, Diane Trybulski
  • University Facilities – Lynarkah Stephen
  • Library – Sandra Marschall
  • School of Nursing – Eileen Kearney

End User Community Responsibilities

  • Help shape requirements
  • Contribute to definition of business objectives and processes
  • Identify training needs and improvements
  • Participate in end user testing
  • Provide ongoing feedback to assist in managing end user change
  • Advocate for the project and facilitate communications across campus

End User Community Resources