View of Manhattan skyline from campus.

Bus from NY

NYC to Montclair State University

Decamp bus #66 (NYC-West Orange) leaves from Port Authority (gate #20 on the Lower Level, South Wing) and drops you off directly on campus. Make sure you tell the driver you need the Montclair State University campus stop and request the stop via the button above your seat.

The bus lets you off on the sidewalk along the Red Hawk Parking Deck. Walk a few steps up the hill and the stairs at the end of it. Make a left and follow the directions for the specific venue of the event. See list of venues at the bottom of this page.

Buses leave NYC every half hour roughly and take 20-25 minutes with no traffic. To reach Montclair State for an event, we recommend taking a bus that gets you to campus at least one hour before the starting time of the event.

For a full schedule of the #66 NYC-West Orange bus, make the proper selection from this menu:

There is an alternative bus you can take (66R) which drops you off two blocks away from campus. Ask the driver to let you off at Mt. Hebron and Valley Roads right in front of the Calvary Church. Walk to your right to head north on Valley Road (along the church and a cemetery) and then make a left at Normal Avenue and a right at College Ave. Once you get to the top of the hill, take the stairs or pathways next to the Kasser Theater. Follow the directions for the specific venue of the event. See list of venues at the bottom of this page.

Please note that this stop is not marked on the schedule and comes right before campus. On weekends, 66R is the only bus running to this area.

Tickets can be purchased at Academy counters in Port Authority for $7.90 each way.

Montclair State University to NYC

Buses leave from the same stop along the Red Hawk Parking Deck. Make sure you wave to stop the bus as it many not stop automatically. It is advisable to go to the stop at least 10 minutes earlier, just in case the bus leaves before the scheduled time. Also, if the bus does not show up for a while, call 973-783-7500 extension 3 to talk directly to the dispatcher who has updates on all buses.

Tickets can be purchased on the bus (make sure you have a $20 bill or smaller bills).